Winning Tactics For Hussain Sajwani In Dubai

According to many news programs, Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump have been business partners for a lengthy time. SAJWANI: Dubai’s property market is dominated by supply and demand. SAJWANI: We have great confidence in Dubai’s vision, strength, and competitiveness as a global investment destination, in the real estate industry in addition to other sectors.

Hussain Sajwani was always interested in the real estate enterprise to elevate the funds he needed, he started with the catering company. 1 firm that has positively utilized the two variables to take into account while building a company is Damac Group of Hussain Sajwani. Hussain Sajwani of Damac Group Establishes Trump Branded Gold Course for Business In business, the place a new requires is the key determinant for success.

The business has a development portfolio of over 44,000 units at different stages of progress and preparation, including more than 13,000 hotel rooms, serviced apartments, and resort villas, which is managed by its hospitality, DAMAC Hotels & Resorts.

According to The National, the corporation’s footprint extends across international cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Amman, Beirut, Jeddah, Riyadh, and London and to date has delivered over 17,900 homes using a growing portfolio of over 44,000 units at different stages of preparation and progress. He began his catering venture in 1982, and it’s grown to be a market leader handling more than 200 jobs and serving over 150,000 meals every day in a range of markets including the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS.

Highlights in the remarkable launch of the Trump International #Golf Club Dubai in DAMAC Hills. Dubai South, the 145-sq-km urban city growth emerging in the emirate of Dubai, in partnership with The Big 5, Middle East’s top construction event, has announced the launching of the How to Do Business in the UAE” conference.

The Hussain Sajwani (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) family and that of Donald Trump have a private relationship. In 2002, the DAMAC Owner recognized that property in Dubai hadn’t been explored and he started the DAMAC Properties.

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Ara Chackerian’s Advice on Mental Health Awareness

Ara Chackerian, co-founder and board member of TMS Solutions, doubles up as a philanthropist and investor of our times. His company provides treatment to people suffering from depression that is resistant to treatment. Throughout his life, Ara has been an entrepreneur and a proud investor. He has more than twenty years of experience in creating companies that specialize in healthcare as he incorporates technology in their systems. You can visit





Nearly ten years of research into the world of psychiatry led him and his partner to discover the untapped market of treatment programs suitable for patients suffering from Transcaranical Magnetic Stimulation. It was the administering of TMS treatment together with therapy that proved the efficiency of the program that caused Ara Chackerian to venture deeper into depression treatment.




In his article titled ‘Five Important things to do during Mental Health month,’ Ara Chackerian emphasizes on the need to understand persons dealing with mental health. He expressly notes that sharing experiences is an important path on the road to recovery. It is worth noting that most people have suffered from mental health at some point in their lives, therefore, making it vital for these people to share their experiences. He also advises people to use language that empowers the patients and creates a safe space for them to share their feelings. This is perhaps the essential way of helping people with mental health problems since sharing eases the burden of their condition. When the person feels heard, they can fight depression better as opposed to feeling lonely.




Another critical factor is to ensure that one guards their mental health even as they seek to help others. Psychiatrists have noted the importance of protection of one’s mind and guarding against being dragged into the depression state of those whom we seek to help out. Finally, he urges people to be involved in activities carried out during mental health month and all year round. This will help sensitize the people on how to deal with those suffering from mental health and also empower the society to fight the stigma surrounding this issue. You can visit their Facebook page.


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The Critical Stages Involved in Financial Planning – Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair is a financial expert who provides retirement to his clients in Austin, Texas. He states that for you to achieve your financial objectives, you need a financial plan. His work at Wealth Solutions is to assist individuals come up with a financial plan. His primary objectives is to develop his clients with an effective financial roadmap that will be of great assistance in their finances.

Throughout the years, he has managed to successfully formulate a financial plan through three crucial phases. His paradigm has proved to be working due to the numerous positive feedback from his previous clients. According to Robert Blair, the three-pillar financial planning process enables him to understand his clients in a better way. Thus, he is in a better position to develop a friendly retirement plan based on the client’s financial situation and goals. The three stages are described below.

The First Stage

The first stage focuses on developing a financial roadmap by assessing the goals, liquidity needs, growth opportunities, and risk tolerance of a client. Additionally, Richard is able to build an honest relationship with the client. He formulates the financial plan with regards to the clients concerns and growth expectations.

The Second Stage

The second stage encompasses on developing a long-term investment opportunity. Here, Richard drafts an investment plan based on the liquidity needs and concerns of a client. Through his expertise he manages liquidity assets of his clients by relocating them during harsh financial markets. This is to ensure that they are not affected by the worse financial situation.

The Third Stage

The final stage comes after the financial roadmap has been drafted and the investment plan has been developed. The final stage focuses on monitoring and implementing. In this case, Richard Blair tracks the performance of the client through the necessary tools.

About Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair specializes in offering retirement plans to his clients in Austin, Texas. He is always committed in ensuring that individuals, families, and small business owners meet their financial goals. He currently serves as the founder and CEO of Wealth Solutions.


Going to a Runway Show With Academy of Art University

One of the most important aspects of being a fashion designer is going to a runway show. Aspiring designers need to at least visit a designer show so that they can get a feel for the event. The reason to go to a fashion design show is not just to look at the designs. There is a lot to learn about actually getting one’s own designs on the runway. There is a process that a designer must go through in order to showcase his designs. However, it can be very hard for the aspiring designer to get into the show. Fortunately, Academy of Art University makes it easier for people to go to a runway show.

Going to the runway show can be quite a memorable experience for a lot of people. For one thing, they get to look at some of the different outfits that they have never seen before and most likely never will see again because of all of the uniqueness of the design. One of the reasons that the runway items look extremely different is that the designers of the outfits that are worn on the runway are given a chance to be noticed by a buyer.

Academy of Art University can also get people into shows where the fashion is a little more identical to the items that people wear everyday. Students of Academy of Art University can find quite a few ready to wear shows. This is where some of the more reasonable and yet elegant outfits are shown. People get to look at the upcoming trends of the next season and even the next year. Also, Academy of Art University encourages students to use their imagination so that they can drive the trends. With all of the diversity in what is shown in the world of fashion, it is hard to not get excited about fashion.

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Richard Dwayne Blair Has Financial Planning Worked Out For You

It is not necessary to figure out financial planning all on your own. You can rely on the help of someone like Richard Dwayne Blair. He has created a three pillar system that can help bring anyone from having no idea what they are doing to having a full-fledged financial plan for their life.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an executive at Wealth Solutions Inc where he has helped so many people figure out their way on this journey that we call financial planning.

Pillar 1: Make A Plan

You have to decide what you want your financial life to look like. No one else is going to be able to make these choices for you. It is your responsibility but also your opportunity. This is when you can dream about being the kind of person that you want to be. You need to have this ready to review with your financial planner when you get ready to go and see them.

Pillar 2: Get Your Investments For That Plan

Richard Dwayne Blair says that your financial planner will help you choose the investments that are right for you once you have set up your plan for your financial life. He believes truly that this is the easiest and best way to start making progress towards the goals that you probably have for your life.

Pillar 3: Watch The Results

The fun part comes when you get to sit back and watch the results of all of that hard work that you just put in. It is not every day that you can say that you get to see the fruits of your labor in just three quick steps like this, but that is what the plan that Richard has developed will help you do.


Learning Fashion History To Find Fashion Future With Academy of Art University

There are a ton of different types of fashion for people to choose from. One thing that Academy of Art University can help with is going into the history of fashion. One of the reasons that learning about the history of fashion is beneficial for students of Academy of Art University is that it can help give people ideas on what they can do for their next designs. When people look at some of the fashion of the past, they are going to find a lot of weird items as well as some really great ideas that could work in the current era.

As more people are taking an interest in fashion, they learn about where they can go when it comes to fashion without raising questions about themselves. Fortunately, this society is a free-for-all type of society that encourages people to do what they want and wear what they want. Academy of Art University is teaching people to design what they want so that they can gain an audience. Once they gain that audience, then they can explore their options when it comes to business. They can get a deal with an established business, or they can start their own fashion design or selling business.

When people learn about the history of fashion, this can give them a glimpse of what they can do in order to influence the trends. Among the things they learn about when it comes to the different eras of fashion is the attitudes and mindsets of that era. They also get to learn about how that era affects the current era of fashion. There are certain aspects of a past era that is in effect to this day. Academy of Art University can help people learn about this so that they can make the choice on where to go next.

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Peter Briger is an investor who works as a President and Co-Chairman for the Fortress Investment Group’s Board of Directors, where he’s worked since 2002. He is credited with helping the group go public which also marked a great event that made him a billionaire along with the other principals of Fortress Investment Group. Prior to joining Fortress Investment Group, Briger worked at Goldman Sachs for about 15 years. There, he co-founded the Goldman’s Special Situations Group which showed he was an expert since the group went on to make huge profits as demonstrated by Mark McGoldrick. Peter Briger joined Fortress to deal with real estate and debt security.

Here, he helped raise about $5 billion to help create the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV, after the other three funds brought 25.2%, 17.8% and 12.7% returns showing Briger’s expertise was giving good results. His MBA from Wharton School of Business, Pennsylvania University and a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University, in addition to his experience in real estate and credit fund are one of the reasons that he has helped propel Fortress Investment Group to the heights that it has come to. It was even purchased at $8.08 per share by SoftBank, something that placed Peter Briger at number 317 in the Forbes list with a net worth of $1.5 billion.Briger has also been a member of the Princeton University Investment Company’s Board of Directors. He’s also supported the Central Park Conservancy as part of his philanthropic work with investments of over $600 million under his belt.

Peter has also helped Fortress Investment Group to experienced significant growth for the past two decades with the group acquired the, Intrawest, a Canadian Company and the largest ski resort in North America. Other purchases it made were Penn National Gaming, RailAmerica and Florida East Coast Industries. Other than Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger has served in Asian Management Committee, Global Control and Compliance Committee and Japan Executive Committee, Income Principal Investments Group, and the Whole Loan Sales and Trading business. All these positions are great contributors to Briger’s success. The investments that he has helped Fortress Investment Group make are the reasons the group is so successful together with his Co-Principals.

About Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He has vast experiences and skills in finance with over three decades in experiences. He has worked with several companies at significant positions where he has realized success. Nardone is one of the few individuals who are notable for leading a successful career in the financial industry. Under his leadership, Fortress Investment Group has recorded significant success and developments. The investment group has recently gained popularity with many companies and private investors claiming that the firm offers high-quality services to its clients. With billions of assets and property under their management, Fortress Investment Group is currently ranked as the leading investment and property management group. Randal Nardone has managed to make paramount decisions regarding the firm due to his numerous skills and experiences in the field. He cites that most of his expertise and abilities come from the previous firms he has served.

Nardone is one of the key figures who has ensured that Fortress establish subsidiaries in other countries. Additionally, Randal Nardone is a co-founder and the chief operations officer of Fortress Investment Fund IV and Fortress Investment Fund V. He also serves as the vice president and the secretary of Fortress Registered Investment Trust. Apart from being the CEO and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone is the chairman and president of Springleaf Financial Holdings’. Nardone also serves as the secretary and the vice president of Newcastle Investment Holdings. Additionally, in 2007, he was appointed as the director of Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Limited. He also serves as the director of OneMain Holdings since 2010.

Randal Nardone holds a bachelors’ degrees in Biology and English from the University of Connecticut. He also holds a law degree from the Boston University School of Law. He landed his first job at a law firm where he later became a partner and a member of the executive committee. Despite graduating with a law degree and a job at a law firm, Nardone always had interests in the financial world. Thus, he chose to opt out of the law firm and joined Blackrock Financial Management. He later joined UBS as the managing director in 1997. A year later, he co-founded Fortress Investment Group. According to Forbes, Randal Nardone is number 557 in the world’s list of billionaires with a net worth of $1.8 billion. His job portfolios have contributed to his wealth.

Wes Edens’ Influence in the Financial World

Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman were the brains behind the establishment of Fortress Investment Group back in 1998. The latter has since hung up his boots and currently spends a huge chunk of his time on car racecourses. The other two have stood the test of time and are still principals at the leading alternative asset management firm in the US.Since the inception of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens has actively been a part of the private equity division. The division has invested largely in real estate, infrastructure, media, and healthcare. His vast experience ensures that he does not have a hard time with complex investments. He also co-chairs the board of the New York City-based hedge fund manager.He was involved in the formulation of the flat management structure. The leadership model provided numerous channels for employees to voice their opinions on different matters in the firm.

Over the years, it has paid dividends as the employees do not feel intimidated while executing their duties. They also give their all and this has led to great fortunes for the company. Wes Edens attended the Oregon State University. He completed his studies in 1984 with a BS in business administration and finance. Three years later, he joined the Lehman Brothers as a partner. This marked the beginning of an illustrious career. He also served as the managing director of the firm.In 1993 he moved to Blackrock where he served as partner and M.D. for another four years. It was at the back of the success he enjoyed in these firms that he went on to join hands with Nardone and Kauffmann to establish their own company.The accomplished American business owner has also invested immensely in sports. He co-owns both FlyQuest and Milwaukee Bucks. He parted with $550 million in 2014 to acquire the NBA franchise. He did this alongside Marc Lasry.

In 2017 the Bucks acquired an NBA D-league team. Wes Edens encouraged his basketball staff to make the most of the resources of the new team.The eSports team, on the other hand, joined the League of Legends and participates in the Championship Series of North America. FlyQuest is part of Fortress Investment Group’s plan to get involved in professional video gaming. It brings together eSports professionals who take part in different global competitions. FlyQuest was previously owned by Cloud9 who received $2.5 million for the franchise.Wes Edens intends to use his expertise in financial affairs to grow FlyQuest and bring on board valuable partnerships. He has set his eyes on the top eSports level.

Malcolm CasSelle: Looking to the Future

By now it should be obvious to anyone that technologies the future. A major portion of this is going to be in the form of video games. The enjoyment of video games has risen exponentially as the market has made it clear that consumers enjoy them. As gamers invest more time in digital worlds the need for a viable and seamless marketplace has shown itself. Currently, people who wish to buy or sell digital goods struggle with a decentralized market as well as the fear of fraud. This very real issue has brought the attention and ultimately the suggested solution from entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle.

Malcolm’s solution to this problem was the founding of worldwide asset exchange. This is more easily known and referred to as WAX. This virtual asset trading platform is powered by a new block the chain courtesy of the minds behind OPSkins as well as Malcolm. They believe that this will answer what is perceived to be the two biggest issues facing these marketplaces. They believe by creating the service it will bring all users together to one market so that fragmentation is no longer an issue. Users can now trade without ever having to leave what they’re doing in the game behind. This kind of convenience is likely to draw the crowd expected. The other issue they believe that this will address is the issue of fraud. Fraud is often a concern of anyone in trading online. The new blockchain is considered extremely secure and can simply and easily execute the trades needed by users.

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur are with a very future-minded outlook. He has been ahead of the curve in many technology-related breakthroughs. He has had the forethought to invest in companies such as Facebook. A more recent example of his ability to predict future trends in the market is his thoughtful investment in Bitcoin. He fills many roles across different companies currently he acts as the CIO of OPSkins. He also has founded companies overseas. One of his largest overseas business ventures is the foundation of a telecom company called PCCW, in China.