Igor Cornelsen Offers Insightful Advice on Wealth Management.

Wealth management is a vital aspect to consider when planning for a viable future. Moreover, it covers different aspects of disciplines including financial planning and investment portfolio management. More than that, wealth management includes a series of financial services incorporated to help the client in securing his or her future. Alongside the assistance of a respected and highly qualified wealth management advisor, a client is always assured of a bright future. That is where Igor Cornelsen comes in.

Background of Early Life

Mr. Cornelsen was born in Brazil’s Curitiba. When it was time to join a school for higher education, he attended the Federal University of Parana and pursued engineering. At the same time, he advanced his studies by joining the same school for economics. Later on, Igor entered the industry of different careers and was employed by a banking institution called Multibanco. At that moment banking was the preferred career for most engineers as there were no calculators. Therefore, engineers were the only professionals trusted to calculate decimals and hefty money.

Career Changes

After a few years of service, Multibanco was acquired by the famous Bank of America. For that reason, Igor Cornelsen had to leave and join Libra Bank PLC. Of course, he always gave his best in every jurisdiction of service. With time, he grew his portfolio of services to financial services and wealth creation. As of now, he is a revered financial services provider who understands what works better for his clients.

Igor Offers Invaluable Services

When it comes to wealth creation and financial services, Igor Cornelsen is always ready to provide clients with viable advice regarding their future and how to secure it. As such, over the past years, he has garnered vast experience in financial services provision and has helped renowned investors with incredible decision making. More than that, he is always equipped with the right answer to provide clients with foreseeable future of investment dockets. Cornelsen has shaped his career around his ability to empower clients through top-notch financial services.

The Outline

Moreover, Cornelsen’s ability to tackle all aspects that affect business other financial situations is highly admirable and reliable. Other than that, he has vast expertise in economic and financial management. Therefore, for more than ten years, he has been trusted to provide the relevant advice in business wealth management.

The RealReal Has An Antique That Your Daughter Will Love

Antiques are a particular style that most decorators look for from time to time. In some stores, there is a chance for you to taste wine and cake to see those dishes will send guests to get seconds. When getting into clothes and shoes, there are consignment shops at places such as the RealReal. This beautiful shop was founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright.

The business owner, formerly a CEO of Reel.com, worked hard to get the right displays in her stores to feel like consumers had great selections. Wainwright wanted to bring the “elite” to the RealReal, and as a result, Julie announced to the city of New York that there was a new store that they needed to learn more about. Inside the RealReal, there are fascinating clothes, books, purchases, sunglasses, and wallets what the consumers seemed to love. They have a 70s feel to them. The average person couldn’t wear the outspoken patterns. The shop seems to be for the eclectic. There are some folks in the world that loves to travel to art museums. Well, think of this shop as a walking canvas antique shop.

The definite need for you to love bright colors is there. Because of the need to be able to express your personality, it seems that consumers run to New York or via the RealReal online store to purchase items. As of last year, the shop made a total of $50 million dollars. The stores was able to open 18 offices that also continue to promote this style of clothing. The RealReal is planning on covering more areas in the future besides San Francisco, New York, L.A., Chicago, and Washington, DC.

The store also expanded to fine jewelry and watches for those who are into antique jewelry. The older a ring is, the more value it has. For example, if you have a ring that you have purchased 20 years ago, it will still hold its value as long as the owner is taking care of it. Wainwright is enjoying her new found career. And until the store expands to overseas, Julie will continue to promote from the home office.

Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers Are Dreaming Of Doing It Different

If you were to go back in time just a few years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to actually and accurately forecast how successful Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart would be with their DJ-Pop group, The Chainsmokers. DJ & dance music has always been popular, but only in a relatively niche way. The Chainsmokers have been dominating both the radio and the Billboard Charts for years now with singles like ‘Roses’, ‘Closer’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’.

Alex and Andrew both m et while working as DJs in and around New York City. The two were pushed toward a meeting by a mutual friend and it was there that they quickly realized that there could be something special about the work that they were doing. Pall and Taggart both realized that they were driven workers who wanted to bring this style of music to the next level. The two decided to quit their day-jobs and turn full-time toward making music, a decision that would prove to be incredibly fortuitous for the two of them. Pall and Taggart admit that they worked seven days a week in order to develop their sound and style and they credit that enthusiasm as a driving factor of their success.

Looking back at their beginnings, Pall can’t help but be impressed by their initial drive. While many bands plan to work together in their free time, Pall and Taggart would be working from “9 AM to 7 PM” every day in order to craft their identity and hone their skills. Pall also admits that they were still really learning the ins and outs of the style of music that they wanted to create for their fans, a fact which is not lost on the legions of concert-goers that flock to arenas in order to watch The Chainsmokers perform. Pall wraps up his thought process by saying, “What we’ve become is so much bigger than what anyone could have imagined.” While The Chainsmokers have had almost untoward success, Pall and Taggart both know to not take it for granted. Being in the dance and election genre has made them work day and night to constantly prove themselves.



Robert Deignan and His Business Decisions

ATS Digital Overview and Certification


ATS Digital is formerly known as Advanced Tech Support. ATS Digital is a call center company. They recently received a certification by AppEsteem. They have become certified for quality support services. AppEsteem was founded by cybersecurity founders from Microsoft. In order to receive certification from AppEsteem, ATS had to meet 39 compliance markers.


ATS has provided technical services since 2011. ATS has offered services though telephone and screen sharing enabled technologies. Chief Executive Officer Robert Deignan commented on the goal of ATS. He said consumer-based compliance is the structure of ATS’s business portfolio. During the review process in January of 2017, ATS noticed they had met most of AppESteem’s qualifications needed for certification. After the company realized they had already met most the requirements, they decided to become certified. They wanted to send a message to security companies and regulators. They hoped the certification would send a signal to competitors and industry execuatives that they are operating on a professional level. ATS says this type of certification will benefit their business.


Robert Deignan and His Accomplishments in Business


Robert Deignan says he is thrilled to be associated with AppEsteem’s company. He says he looks forward to their support regarding ATS Digital. Deignan earned a BS in Organizational Leadership at Purdue University from 1992 to 1995. He has had a long career in business, associating himself with multiple companies. During 1998, Robert Deignan co-founded a company that did not have longevity. That disappointment did not stop him, he went on to create and initiate other business endeavors. He says he focuses on the community and donates to charity. Robert Deignan has a strong focus on technology. His goal is to provide service for his clients and customers.


AppEsteem requirements are made based upon the opinions from regulators in government, law enforcement and the software industry. AppEsteem says the are focused on protecting consumers. They suggest they are contributing in building a successful software downloading industry.




Getting great loans with low interest rates is what everyone wants. However, individuals with bad credit will not be able to qualify for these loans. There are many reasons why people end up with poor credit scores. I would say that a good majority of them purchase things that they really don’t need and when it is payment time, they are unable to fork over the cash for whatever reason. A lot of this is consumer debt on things like luxury bags, watches, clothes, and a whole bunch of other nonsense. Don’t let this be you. Take control of your finances and your credit. The good news is that if you have indeed obtained a poor credit score, you can fix it with what I am going to tell you in this article.

  1. Pay off all credit card debt

When credit card companies see that you can pay off your debt on time, they reward you. When you cannot do this, they punish you. This debt ends up racking up overtime because the interest just keeps compounding on itself. If you are dealing with larger debts, focus on paying off the one with the highest interest rate first. This is called the debt avalanche and will save you money over time. Once you get above water and finally out of debt, you might see a better credit score than before. This will ultimately help you qualify for better loans.

  1. No cash, no credit

If you cannot afford a purchase in cash, you probably shouldn’t be buying it. Don’t abuse your credit this way. Instead, put minor things on credit like gas bills and grocery expenses. Both of these are very simple and easy to pay off. You could cosign for a car to better your credit even more.

All in all, I would definitely go with GreenSky credit if I was looking at loans. GreenSky Credit has funded over one billion in loans over the years. GreenSky Credit also has over 12,000 active merchants ready to help you. GreenSky Credit also uses state of the art technology to enhance the experience of their millions of satisfied users. In the end, GreenSky Credit is the right choice.


Mike Baur – A Man About His Business

A Little About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is businessman with a true entrepreneurial spirit. Originally from Switzerland, he attended the both the Bern University and the University of Rochester to earn his degrees in business. His entrepreneurial spirit transpired at the tender age of 16. He began his career in banking as an apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland. Bauer moved up in the banking arena quickly, at age 30 he was promoted to the highly sort after advisory position.


Mike Baur’s new advisory position with the bank, gave him privy to high profile Swiss investors. Baur used his investment knowledge in guiding the the wealthiest and top investors in Switzerland. He later moved on to Clariden Leu, a bank in Zurich. Again he was positioned in a high ranking position, but his entrepreneurial spirit crept up again. Bauer did not stay with the banking field for long, his ambitions were bigger and his need to help others grew even more.


The Beginning of A Change – A New Mike Baur

Mike Baur and Max Meister, Founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The company’s main focus is to mentor and fund innovative technological advancements. The company offers supplies, funding, and in some cases a rental property for start-ups to set up and open their doors to the public. Each new start-up receives three months of services through the Swiss Startup Factory. Within those three months the owners of the start-ups learn how to market their services worldwide, how to get funding from potential investors, and any educational tools needed for long-term success of their company.


In addition to helping the tech world, Baur created another company called Think Reloaded. Think Reloaded focuses on aiding more seasoned clients with financial and investment advice. Because of Think Reloaded, Baur and Meister are now part of BV4 and its collaboration with SSUF and CTI Invest in aiding entrepreneurs with financing and marketing. The collaboration was also important in backing and creating of the training events called Swiss Startup Day


Now you can find Mike Baur wearing multiple hats of leadership. Baur continues his work with Think Reloaded and the Swiss Startup Factory. In addition to that, he is on the board of directors for BV4. Baur spends most of his time looking for funding and financing at SSUF. His continuous hard work has made it possible for many entrepreneurs to see their dreams come true.


What Sahm Adrangi Says About KODAKOne

Every organization yearns to hear a positive report about its operations, employees and anything else that pertains to it. When a negative report is given out to the public, the organization always finds ways to clear the tainted image before it finds itself on the ground.

When shares of KODAKOne and KODAKCoin rose on concerted hype, Sahm Adrangi believed that they were flawed deep down and would never materially benefit the Kodak shareholders. The lead developer of KODAKOne and its strategic advisor on the KODAKCoin ICO, which was AppCoin Innovations Inc., were all companies that had wanting backgrounds.

Against all laws and regulation, the board of Kodak gave themselves restricted stock a night before announcing KODAKOne launch. This suspicious act bore material risk and consequently drew the investigation of SEC. Unfortunately, the partnership that was announced could not save the company from declining revenues and share prices.

The stock of Kodak had reached an impressive 187% after the announcement of a partnership that will enable them to launch a licensing platform. The platform was blockchain-enabled and had photo-centric cryptocurrency. Basically, the announcement was a cheap attempt that would run after the ICO craze. However, according to Sahm Adrangi, it did nothing to relieve the company’s poor fundamentals.

The last had not been said, Sahm Adrangi also gave a report to explain its short position in the St. Joe Company. The aforementioned company is a Real Estate Development Company. The company had hopes of transforming parcels of desolate land that is near Panama City Beach. The aim was to turn it into an attractive destination for the retirees and business community. As it came to realized the company in question was not likely to develop the land in a manner justifying its current valuation of $1 billion. The liquidity rules also posed a great challenge to the shareholders.

The drama then takes a sharp turn when it is revealed that Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investor Officer of Kerrisdale Capital. Funny enough, the company had a short position in Eastman Kodak Company of which they stood to benefit if the share prices fall. To understand this further it is important to note that Kerrisdale Capital is an investment company which focuses on investments that bring long-term value as well as special situations that are event-driven. And what better events than the one that took place.



Dr. Mark McKenna was born and raised in Orleans, Los Angeles. He is a Graduate from University of Tulane Medical College. He started practicing medicine with his Father immediately after completing His Training in Medicine. Together with his Father, they initiated McKenna Projects Asset, A boutique, real estate growth company. For over the years Dr. Mark McKenna proceeded to launch Worldwide Mortgage Loaning and Upscale Title, Inc. This collection of corporations has over Fifty staffs, and it offers finance, real estate closing services and turnkey design-build. Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor of medicine, and he holds a Masters in Business Administration. He is accredited in surgery medication by Florida and Georgia States Panel of medicinal Inspectors. He is an obsessive patient supporter and a devoted community servant.

Dr. Mark McKenna is wedded to Gianine McKenna. They are blessed with children Pomeranian, Ryder, and daughter Milana Elle. Dr. McKenna is presently an associate of Entrepreneurs Association, and previously he obliged as a panelist in New Orleans Trade Enlargement Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

While at Tulane School of Medical, Dr. Mark McKenna came to the deduction that it is very tough for an individual to acquire more money for being a doctor. After his graduation in 1999, he began real estate trade in New Orleans.

When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, millions go lost instantly. He reconstructed but later disbanded his concern, shifted to Atlanta and released ShapeMed, a series of agencies that open beautifying treatments like Weight and Nutrition counseling, Laser hair removal and Botox injections. He sold his business in 2015 to an openly operated Lifetime Fitness and big box gymnasium chain, Lifetime Fitness and amalgamated the team, but he left a year later afterward Lifetime was credited out by secluded equity.

After quitting, Dr. Mark McKenna claims that he wants to construct a product around merchandising medical aesthetics. The diligence is profoundly split. One has to dermatologists and artificial surgeons. Botox has decent brand gratitude, but there’s no retail outlet or service provider with a product that folks can recognize with across the state. He also states that he likes surrounding himself with smart people who helped him in getting business ideas.


Work At A Job Where Your Talents Are Appreciated

Many people today are unhappy in their current job situations. There can be various reasons for this. Sometimes, an individual is doing something that they don’t find enjoyable. Others are in jobs where the bosses or others do not appreciate their hard work. This can be incredibly frustrating. Over time, these individuals can develop anxiety, anger and health conditions as a direct result. Mental health experts recommend that individuals seek out jobs that they truly enjoy along with work environments suited to the person’s individual personality. Many are joining the elite care team that make up Sussex Healthcare employees.

Sussex Healthcare has been providing top healthcare to their elder patients for 25 years or more. Recently, this stellar healthcare organization has hired a new CEO. This reputable company has announced that they will begin hiring for some terrific positions. Anyone that desires to work at a job that really makes a positive difference in people’s lives are encouraged to read about the open positions and apply. Both clinical direct patient care and other nonclinical positions are now available. These jobs all offer fantastic salaries that are better than competitive, and the company also provides some outstanding employee benefits that their employees love.

Sussex Healthcare is always on the lookout for talented people with deep compassion. Since these jobs provide a people service, being able to be empathetic with regards to other humans is a real necessity for these jobs. Nurses and certified nursing assistants make up a large percent of this fine company’s employee force. However, there are still many other positions that provide important services that individuals may now apply for. These include accountants, recreation therapists, nutritionists, trained and certified drivers, computer specialists, hospitality positions, housekeeping and laundry services and maintenance or groundskeepers positions. Sussex Healthcare is a premier healthcare provider that offers a positive and interactive work environment.

This healthcare company has 20 plus facilities that are all gorgeously decorated and offer a safe and upbeat homey environment. Sussex Healthcare is best known for the senior care homes that they operate. This healthcare employer also runs residential homes for disabled young adults as well. These specialty facilities are uniquely equipped to enable safe and cutting edge care for these individuals. The company also has some community based programs like an audiology department and a fitness gymnasium facility that has a beautiful warm water soothing pool and fitness trainers.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/11/choosing-the-services-that-sussex-healthcare-provides-how-specialists-can-help-residents/

Bruno Fagali Talks About The New Beer Labeling Law

Attorney Bruno Fagali of Fagali Advocacy in Sao Paulo says that people have a right to know what they are eating and drinking. That is why he supports a new Brazilian law in regards to beer labels. To this point brewers selling beer in Brazil have gotten to put “unmalted cereal” as one of the ingredients in beer.

Most people know that beer has water, barley malt, and hops in it. They also contain “unmalted cereals” which is actually a catch-all term that doesn’t actually tell you what it is. It could be corn, oats, sorghum, rice, or soy. It could also be some mix of two or more of these together. To this point what exactly the beer is made of has been a mystery to consumers.

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Now, Bruno Fagali says that a new federal law passed that requires brewers to tell their customers just what it actually is in their beer. A federal law about this could have been avoided if the four major brewers would have cooperated with one another after a public civil action had been put in place against them. Instead, they squabbled and couldn’t agree on how to address this issue. So, a judge made the decision for them which Bruno Fagali says was very well reasoned out.

As an attorney Bruno Fagali sees issues like this regularly crop up. He is an attorney who handles cases which involve fraud, corruption, regulatory law, urban law, and other areas of the law. He also serves in the role of corporate integrity manager for one of Brazil’s biggest advertising agencies, Nova/sb. He has been doing this job for over three years in addition to running his own legal firm, Fagali Advocacy.

Bruno Fagali says that some people wonder if the ruling about beer labels is practical or not, given that brewers need to change up what “unmalted cereal” they are using depending on what is available and at a good cost among other factors. The judge rejected this, though, because consumers right to know what they are eating and drinking far outweighs brewers being able to hide behind a term that doesn’t inform consumers.

Search more bout Bruno Fagali: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/bruno-fagali-fala-sobre-compliance-atualmente-uma-das-principais-responsabilidades-da-governanca-corporativa,da7796c2023b08e3ba5b3e4207d580dffb81cxb8.html