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Talk Fusion CEO On a Mission to Save Lives

Running a successful business can be hard work. In fact, starting up a company in an industry that is still largely unknown can feel impossible. Bob Reina predicted that video marketing would be the future and that is what led him to establish Talk Fusion back in 2007. Since its inception Talk Fusion has become […]

Kyle Bass: China Will Weigh Down on the US

Kyle Bass, the man who predicted financial collapse in 2008, thinks that negative interest rates we’re presently experiencing work only well when it comes to academic models. But, with trillions of dollars in debt, such an experiment is likely to end in another financial turmoil. The unknown is when it will occur. With China slowing, […]

Choosing a Proper Assisted Living Facility

When it comes to choosing an assisted living facility, you may have difficulties finding one that fits your needs or the needs of a loved one. Because of this, it helps to do thorough research and to find a facility that works well for you and your budget. One such facility is known as the […]

How Easy It Is To Create Negative Reviews

An article on LinkedIn took on the topic of false online reviews. But what are false online reviews? False online reviews are comments made through one, or multiple, websites which are made by people who have not used the company’s services. These reviews can easily and quickly harm a business, but it is often hard […]

How the Resilience of Bob Reina Turned the Impossible to Possible

The advancement in technology has completely changed the way things have been done. The Internet brought about emails which made things very easy. Things are still changing and today video is part and parcel of everyone’s online experience. Many businesses have used the fact that online videos have a wider reach to their advantage. Talk […]

The COO of Social Activism

Ask Sam Tabar what motivates his work for environmental solutions and the prominent attorney explains, “Nowadays, intensive and misuse of resources and discharge of waste into the environment contribute to the deterioration of the planet. This change has increasing negative demands on society such as our health, economy, the food we eat, and ecology.” His […]

Coriant’s new leadership led by Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant that mainly deals with network connections and transportation was launched as an independent company under the name Coriant. This was back in 2013 and up to date the company stands out as one of the leading companies offering networking solutions. Coriant Company has also managed to attract a vast line of trustworthy customers and […]

Why Do It Yourself? There Are Pros

Wikipedia has turned in to the most used source of information in our western way of life. We have totally abandoned encyclopedias and have turned to the digital information world. Little do people know, Wikipedia is written by individuals who want the said information on the internet. People write pages about themselves or things that […]