Ashley Brasier: The Face of LSVP’s New Management and Growth

When Ashley was a kid, she wished to be an architect and follow the footsteps of her father. However, over time she discovered her true real desire is to develop business ideas instead of designing a building. However, her professional ethics since youth has made her a valuable component of Lightspeed Venture Partner’s team. One of Ashley’s fundamental skills is to establish relationships with others. To date, she is an individual who wants to communicate in her life, without the need for permission or restraint, with everyone she possibly can. It is known within the industry that the success in the career of Ashley Lightspeed is driven by this key aspect of her personality.

Ashley Brasier had to work on several jobs before her prestigious appointment at LSVP (Light Speed Venture Partnership. For example, after graduating from school, she worked as a consultant in Bain. Indeed, it wasn’t until a few years later that Ashley Lightspeed decided to move on and gave up her seat as a category manager at Thumbtack. Ashley has been working ever since as if she is still responsible for helping the careers of others. Her colleagues confirm that working with Ashley is a pleasurable experience because she is so personable during each encounter.  To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

Her experience in the field of digital media has provided her education at Stanford University with an understanding of the benefits of this industry. Ashley is now the lead investment partner at LSVP and focuses on digital media and the creative space industry with interests and aspirations. Light speed venture partners became one of Snapchat’s first investors to share photos on Facebook in 2012. This is because the users can manage the display duration of their messages between this application and the competitor.

Corporations also need to keep pace with innovation and current trends in technology. The streaming tool is now very popular, but what is going to happen in the future? In the future, Ashley Brasier believes that to meet these challenges, Ashley Lightspeed will continue to be a very successful firm. Given this role in the Lightspeed venture partners, many profitable digital media companies are expected to work effectively and closely in the immediate future. To find more details on Ashley’s profile, you can visit at