Ashley Brasier, Bright New Addition to Lightspeed Venture Partners

Ashley Brasier is a partner of the firm Lightspeed Venture Partners. Ashley Lightspeed and all of its investments do very well. Lightspeed began investing in great companies long before Ashley came into the picture in 2018, but Lightspeed believes that Ashely will help to move the company forward and make better and better investments choices in the years to come.

Ashley holds an MBA with a concentration in entertainment and media. Her undergraduate degree was completed at Duke in Visual and Media Studies. This program at Duke is well known in the media industry and is famous for its invaluable education. The program actually takes its students inside of large successful media companies and works to show students how to create companies just like that.  See More of Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

Ashley Lightspeed media will help the company to choose better media companies that are more likely to become widely popular, because of her experience at Duke. Ashley joined the Lightspeed team in 2018. Ashley is a partner with Lightspeed as an investor. She will be helping to make critical investment decisions for the organization.

Some of the best investments Lightspeed has made over the years are SnapChat, Cheddar, and Goop. All of these companies have been bootstrapped into popularity by their owners. They have now been valued in the millions and billions, so they were very good investments for Lightspeed to have made.

One crucial thing that Ashley brings to Lightspeed with her is her creativity. Not many people in the tech venture capitalist area have much creative flare. This means that Ashley will be an asset as far as being able to pick and choose companies that will intrigue and captivate audiences, rather than just feed one addiction or another.

Ashley is an excellent addition to Lightspeed partners. Her talents and experience will help them to make more great investment choices in the future. Learn more: