Sharon Prince of the Grace Farms: What You Should Know

Grace Farms is a place where people meet for various reasons. It makes use of nature’s grandeur to inspire meditation, make more communication, cultivate conservation, create a conducive environment for learning and understanding while promoting more gratitude for nature. Needless to say, it is a masterpiece of aesthetics.

Sharon Prince is the president and chair of this institution. She came up with this idea after noticing this farm just lying there. This land is an expansive property, and the scenery is incredible. It is so beautiful. During summer there are many activities which cater for the whole family. These activities offer a chance to receive a holistic education that meets the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the individual. During the day, Grace Farms shines brightly in the heat of the noontide and offers a reprieve from an otherwise very busy schedule.

In winter the topography is awesome. The trees here make for awesome pictures. The forest glades are teeming with wildlife with scenes only possible when the trees lose their leaves. Nature seems serene, quiet and has a majestic presence. Grace Farm’s acreage is undergoing a process of restoring its glory when flora and fauna flourished across the vast expanse of the land where it now sits. It actually used to be an equestrian facility before. This is being done through recreating what it once had before human encroachment and returning the various indigenous species to the now thriving Grace Farms. Land turned to farm areas has been successfully reclaimed.

This sanctuary was constructed by the Japanese firm Sanaa. Afterward, this firm won the Pritzer Prize. It designed this ultramodern building with all its wide variety. Grace Farms is a nature center, gym, hub for social injustice groups, community garden and a part-time ecumenical chapel-and that list is not complete.

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