Serge Belamant reveals his approach to entrepreneurship

Serge Belamant is an expert in computer science and technology. He specializes in the block-chain technology, a venture that was inspired by his son Philip. As they were having a father-son talk, Serge realized that a gap existed in the provision of financial products to the younger generation. He also found out that social media platforms gave him a chance to explore the modern world, hence the birth of Zilch.

When asked how he makes money, Serge Belamant argued that he simply design products that fulfill people’s needs. He further explains that it is not always about the money. For you to succeed, you must first identify a need that you can help other people cover. According to the computer scientist, how you can make money out of a venture should not be your initial concern. See more of Serge Belamant at

Starting a business is not easy because it might take some time before you can begin making money. Nevertheless, this provides a learning opportunity through hard lessons as you work towards success.

Serge Belamant admits that self-doubt is a common experience in the commercial sector. That notwithstanding, self-doubt should never derail your efforts towards achieving your goals. Serge reveals that when self-doubt sets in, he recalls the many times he trusted his instinct and the amount of success he enjoyed thereafter. He also believes that you can only unlock your full potential if you don’t fear failure. You have to try for you to achieve the set goals.

Like any other business, Serge Belamant argues that he also worked hard to win over his customers. He did this by not only creating a superb product but also surrounding it with a fantastic support structure. This offers assurance to the customers that their needs will be met sufficiently.

When asked what his favorite quote is, Serge cited, “It’s easy to see far when one stands on the shoulders of giants.” He explains that this quote highlights the significance and value of having mentors and people to look up to in life.

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