James River Capital Founder, Paul Sanders’ take on Leadership

The man, Paul Sanders is the chairman, CEO, and the founder of James River Capital Corporation and the affiliated firms. He is a holder of a B.A degree from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the prestigious University of Chicago. He is a reputable investor in the field of investment banking his lifelong passion. He has in-depth knowledge and proven expertise in this investment sector. He also boasts vast experience in this sector, having worked for numerous companies. At Warburg Paribas Becker, he worked in the department of corporate finance and the Commodity Department. Besides, he has held his current position since 1995.


The James River Capital Corporation was founded in 1986 as a department in KP Futures Management Corporation tasked with alternative investment with Paul Sanders as the president. James River Capital became independent in 1995 after Paul, and his business partner Kevin Brandt purchased the venture. Under his dynamic leadership, the company has undergone massive transformation and growth. It has built a prestigious success portfolio and has established as a reputable alternative investment firm in the industry. The company has set an investment philosophy of diversified investment for overall improved risk-adjusted return. The company has developed a robust manager selection and employment process through the help of Paul Sanders.


James River is a highly distinguished and a registered Investment Adviser. As an excellent leader, he recently shared some ways to help leaders improve their leadership abilities and skills. According to him, leadership is a combination of art and science. It takes excellent skills to lead and govern a team effectively. It takes time, effort, and passion for becoming a great leader. However, Paul Sanders have shred three simple steps that can effectively transform and elevate your leadership style.


One of the fascinating leadership strategies that can effectively improve your leadership style is supporting your team instead of leading them. This is a strategy that calls for leaders to provide support to their teams all the time. This can positively impact how leaders interact with their teams and hence improve performance. The next strategy is for leaders to enhance physiological safety with the employees. As a leader, you should create an environment where employees can share their views without feeling intimidated. Lastly, ensure that each employee is aware that their opinion matters. This will create a vast room for innovation, a conducive environment for collaboration, and an efficient platform for engagement with your employees. Learn more: https://gazetteday.com/2018/11/paul-saunders-james-river-capital-talks-burnout/