Dan Bethelmy-Rada Contribution to L’Oreal

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has operated for L’Oreal Professional Product Division as the Global Product President for quite some time. He had generally worked for the company for 15 years until January 2015 when he got a promotion to be the Global Brand Manager. His promotion made him achieve the title, the youngest MDI General Manager. Having served L’Oreal for an extended period, Bethelmy-Rada has acquired skills from mentors and from watching. He has also put his education on International Business to use by creating advertising and marketing programs for the firm. He has brought profit to the company over the years through his contribution. Bethelmy-Rada is a determined and self-motivated individual who works for what he wants. He is also a good leader and has led several people to achieve what they wish to in marketing and business.

According to Dan Bethelmy-Rada, social media is a beneficial platform for marketing and sales. The idea excites him; he believes that social media has helped a lot of firms in growing their business. Even though social media is a current trend business personal all over are eager to see the next generation of this technology and use it to their benefit. Businesses are using social media to grow business by creating new concepts to be broadcasted in their social media platforms. Bethelmy-Rada uses social media to keep up with other business firms. Individuals from all over are coming up with innovative ideas and using the platform as a market or advertising platform; from there they can be picked up by firms and become implemented.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada makes sure that there is stability in his work and normal life; this helps him to ensure that he has both a personal relationship with his family and also a productive work life. He ensures that he enjoys ample time with his family and that work does not interfere with his family programs. Bethelmy-Rada spends the same amount of time with his family as he does in his workplace. He works to his best capabilities and performs as required. He focuses on his work when he has to productively.