Genucel Uses Chamonix to Restore Self-Esteem


Those who have suffered from some form of abuse often have lower self-esteem and self-worth and even suffer from self-violence. Self-violence is not always physical but can be thoughts of self-harm or negative thoughts that tear down one’s self-esteem. Read more on



There are varying methods of self-care that can be effective in reversing the damage done as well as to encourage a more positive outlook on life. Self-affirmations, are a great way to build up the self-esteem and to make one feel self-worth. It can take time for et affirmations to become convincing to those saying it, but they do eventually begin to repair the hurt and the pain caused by negativity.


It is very important to channel negative energy somewhere else through some sort of an “outlet.” This outlet can be a hobby such as painting or dancing. Exercise is another great outlet that helps the brain to produce those feel-good endorphins.


Women Aware is a based out of Middlesex, New Jersey and is a nonprofit organization that supports battered families in the area. Nearly one in every seven men in the United States have been subjected to some form of domestic abuse, and nearly 25% of women have experienced some form of domestic abuse.


It is estimated that an act of violence occurs every seven minutes in this state alone and this includes all genders. Women tend to experience domestic violence at a higher rate, but men are victims as well.


Women Aware was established in 1981 and has been providing shelter, food, and a recovery program for women in the New Jersey area ever since. Residents of Middlesex have access to emergency shelter, abuse recovery educational programs, and hotlines when they need it. In the past year, the Moving Beyond Abuse 5k Race & Charity Walk helped to raise funds for the cause as well as brought awareness to the very real issue of domestic abuse in the community.


Genucel offers four-step products that help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles related to aging, and domestic abuse can take a real toll on beauty. Their patented PhotoCellTec technology helps to reduce the stressed appearance of the skin after survivors have been subjected to abuse. Genucel is helping victims to regain their beauty and to forget about the painful oat that they have had to endure. Genucel is giving them the gift of self-esteem as well with their self-care products.