Richard Liu founded

Richard Liu is the CEO and the founder of, the leading e-commerce platform in China. This e-commerce platform is has a net worth of $57.6 billion and he, Liu Qiangdong has a net value of over $11 billion as recorded by Forbes this tear.

About Liu Quingdong

He graduated from the University of Renmin with a bachelor’s degree in sociology in the year 1996. While at the university, he took most of his free time sharpening his skills in computer programming as a freelancer to do cording.

He advanced and graduated from the China Europe international school of business with an EMBA. After schooling, he was hired by the Japan life company, a health product firm. While in Japan for those two years, he held different positions. For example, he was the company’s director and the director for business department among other posts.

He got married to his first girlfriend with whom they combined names to begin They have two children. Their first daughter is about two years old. Liu Qiungdong strives to be the best husband to his dear wife, a caring father of the two children and cooperative son to the still alive proud parents. He is the best employer to his employees.

The genesis and growth of

The start of the now leading e-commerce in China was like a miracle. He did not have that idea in his mind. He was, about to give up owing to multiple failures of the two business he had started.

He began a restaurant while still in college to cater for his upkeep and the medication of his then-ailing grandmother. The company failed because Richard Liu had no enough time to attend to it based on the fact that he was a student and he had to concentrate on his studies.

After the failure, he began a magneto-optical product shop in 1998. It started as a small-scale enterprise. He called it Jing Dong after combining the last digit of his then girlfriend’s name with his. The business grew drastically, and by the time the SARS came in, Richard Liu had opened up to 12 stalls.

When the ARS prolonged, Liu was advised by his then manager to begin an online platform. Now the business is doing very well with 24-hour service delivery and deals in electronics and consumer goods both in China and the international market.

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