Chris Burch makers the art of the deal


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Wouldn’t we all love to be there . A wonderful beautiful place #southoffrance

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Chris Burch is a famous person in the world of entrepreneurship. Perhaps he is much known in the world of hospitality. Here, he has been instrumental in the design and construction of some of the best hotels. However, Chris Burch knows that for him to achieve such tremendous dreams, he needs to partner with how is who in the lucrative construction industry. This is what made him partner with best brains in design and hotel management. As an intelligent business person, he smells the best deals and goes straight to implement them. Perhaps one of the most remarkable business partnerships was the one he formed with Phillipe Stark and Alan Faena. The two personalities are not just ordinary people out there. They have success stories in their areas of operations. For example, Alan Faena is a successful hotelier with broad interests across the world.

On the other hand, Phillip Stark is one of the most successful architects who has designed some of the most iconic buildings the world has ever seen. It is evident that Chris Burch got a deal by partnering with these two personalities, source ( With their help, he conducted a lot of research and found a premier piece of underutilized land. They wasted no time and went straight away to design a construct a luxurious resort. In a short time, the previously idle piece of land was now hosting a luxurious hotel by the name if Faena Hotel. It was such a remarkable achievement in a short duration of time by these individuals, learn more info on