Matthew Fleeger leads Gulf Coast

Before holding his current position as the standing president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger graduated from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University where he received his degree in Business Administration. From his experience during his time in school, he started MedSolutions, Inc, which handles healthcare companies’ medical waste and was President and CEO there for over a decade. Later on, Fleeger sold it to major medical company Stericycle, Inc and grew into the tanning business. In fact, two companies he co-created accumulated nearly $100 million. Palm Beach Tan is one of the biggest indoor tanning companies in the nation and the other, Mystic Tan, is one of the single biggest tanning booth businesses in the world.

His knowledge in waste, oil and gas and tanning has led him to be a solid strategist, planner, negotiator and overall entrepreneur and leader. Gulf Coast Western prides themselves on constructing firm relationships with business partners in the oil and gas industry and Matthew Fleeger continues to lead them to excellence. Its focus in its operation is using resource, raw skill and expertise to draw from oil and gas reserves along the gulf coast portion of America hence the name of the company.

Through the leadership of Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western always seeks to look towards plots of land with refined foundations, searching for companies that could net massive returns and lower the risk factors for its would-be clients. Every partner is shown a generous amount of respect and is given honesty and integrity to the highest degree to ensure long-lasting relationships for decades.

Gulf Coast Western is branching out nationwide to expand their business and continue to elaborate on the thousands of established collaborations across the country. They are always willing to incorporate ethics into business.