In Their Time Of Need Houston Residents Could Count On Stream Energy

Part of the overall $19 billion dollars that corporate America will donate to charitable causes this year has come from none other than Stream Energy. They are a company that has always attempted to put the needs of their customers before everything else. When they saw that some of their customers were in trouble they leapt into action.

Hurricane Harvey slammed into the coast of Texas and hit the Houston area particularly hard. It was one of those storms of the century that no one wants to have to contend with. Unfortunately, some people in Houston have still not been able to fully recover from the storm. They are still trying to pick up the pieces of their shatter lives in ways that the rest of us cannot even imagine.

Stream Energy decided that it needed to step in and help in any way that they could. They selected to create a new division of themselves that would be known as “Stream Cares”. The purpose behind this was to spearhead their charitable giving efforts in a separate division of the company that would allow them to continue to operate their for-profit business just the same as they always have.

Taking the time to do a little charity work on the side is a great move for Stream Energy. It not only goes to show that they really do care about their community, but it also helps to show that they have a savvy business mind as well because they know that doing this work will bring them favorable media coverage.

Plenty of companies do charity work for the purpose of creating good buzz for themselves. Some people might view this as terrible and even immoral, but that is not really the case. Companies are just acting in their own best interests while at the same time helping others. Stream Energy could have made the decision to not help anyone out at all. Instead, they elected to do what was right, and we should all celebrate that. Stream Energy continues to look for new ways to build up its customer base through any means possible.