Flavio Maluf Talks Taxes

Flavio Maluf is President at Eucatex. The Brazilian company manufactures wooden panels/ paints. It started operations in 1951 and has grown tremendously since then. Currently, the company has established itself internationally, with a strong reputation in sustainability. Flavio became Eucatex’s CEO in 2005, having worked for the company for a long time. Find out more about Flavio at barbacenaonline.com

Flavio Maluf’s entrepreneurial journey began after he attained an Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation’s Mechanical Engineering degree. He would forego engineering to pursue business full-time, as he had a lot of interest in entrepreneurship. In a recent interview, Flavio talked about the new tax incentives.

Brazil companies face high taxes imposed by their government. The high taxes have made growing businesses to be laborious. Flavio Maluf believes that tax incentives provide fantastic opportunities for businesses growth. Here is Flavio’s case in points:

  • Fiscal Incentive Laws- These laws give Brazilian businesses the chance to use taxes in various government programs. The aim is to ensure taxes paid directly benefit Brazil’s economy. Some of the incentives include sporting events, health causes, scientific endeavors, and social events. By contributing to such tax incentive programs, businesses can get an excellent reputation. It is because consumers associate each incentive program with a specific social/ cultural event.
  • Regional tax incentives- Brazil companies can enjoy tax benefits by settling in designated tax zones. For example, the Manus Free Zone in the isolated western Amazon is an excellent place for businesses to establish themselves due to favorable tax incentives.
  • Industry tax incentives- The Brazilian government grants tax incentives for specific industries. The incentives include monetary compensation, tax reduction, and tax exemptions. Businesses in sectors like agriculture, aerospace, export, and information technology can use the incentives to improve.

Flavio Maluf is also President at Grandfood. Flavio commented on how the Brazilian Agricultural Sector was weakening. He says there is a decline in Agricultural GDP despite a growth in the country’s overall GDP. It has led him to focus his business acumen in the Brazilian agricultural sector.

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