CEO Of Papa John Apology To His Customers

Papa John’s, America’s Pizza-giants who have been going through a rough patch and seems like it was soon going to be out of favor in the long run but its CEO took a smart move to bring it back in favor. Let’s find out how?

Before we start, it is to be understood that Papa John’s is not some individual but a brand of 120,000 corporate workers.

John Schnatter, founder of Papa John has brought along good vibes to his brand. His good influence on the company led to certain decisions which were fruitful for the company.

The beleaguered Pizza giant was once the official pizza for NFL, but due to NFL’s national anthem disputes, they lost their affiliation with NFL. It seems like their hostility towards the NFL led to their turmoil. Moreover, John Schnatter socially disgraced his workers. He had a spur of moment where he showed dissent and racial comments about the workers.

Slowly and gradually Papa John started to lose its marketing base in Louisville especially after getting disbarred from the baseball stadium and his photos being taken off from the pizza boxes. CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie came up with a smart move, and he wrote a letter to all his workers urging them to believe in the brand/company. Mr. Ritchie, the company’s President, pledged to not tolerate any kind of racism and offensive behavior in the firm. He promised them for making reforms to the firm and to make it a better place for work. He emphasized on bringing transparency to the firm. Steve Ritchie stressed on receiving regular feedback from his employees and to lead the firm in a positive direction.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s assured that he would personally take part in leading and bringing the firm back to its glory. It was his ultimate mission. He uploaded the apology letter on the firm’s official website. CEO Steve Ritchie assured the firm that views of John Schnatter didn’t incline with the firm’s views.

The letter eventually didn’t make a mark but was enough to bring back the firm on the path of recovery. Check out Ritchie’s salary here.

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