Wes Edens Is A Successful Investor And Businessman With A Passion For Sports

Wes Edens has come a long way since he founded Fortress Investment Group back in 1998 with his two partners. Wes has focused on the private equity department of the company for the majority of his time there, which is where the company has built much of its success. Wes has always taken a conservative approach but relies on sustainable investments to bring in large returns over the long run, regardless of the distress in the market.

Fortress Investment Group has become one of the leading investment and asset management firms in the United States today with its headquarters in New York. Today, Fortress has offices in various other locations around the globe and the US and has built up hundreds of relationships with other companies and investors. Wes Edens and the other executives have successful leadership skills and have transformed Fortress Investment Group into a multi-billion dollar company.

Wes Edens has already proved himself in the financial industry as a huge success, but as of late he has been focusing on other projects outside of financial investments. Wes, along with Marc Lasry, purchased the Milwaukee Bucks for over 500 million dollars and are actively working to make it one of the top teams in the NBA. Another sports venture Wes has been active in is the Aston Villa Soccer Club, which he has a significant amount of stock in alongside another business partner, Nassef Sawiris.

Perhaps the most ambitious project Wes Edens is currently apart of is the Brightline train system being tested in the United States. Not only is it a private train system, which has never existed in the US before, but it is entirely for the public to ease transportation times during high traffic periods. This environmentally friendly mode of transportation will be able to transport thousands and even millions as it develops in more states around the country.

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