CEO Steve Ritchie

Mr Steve Ritchie is the Chief Executive Officer at Papa John’s International Inc. a role he took over in January 2018. He is also the president of the company where he was appointed in 2015. Before, his current role, he was a Senior Vice President in the same company between May 2014 and December 2017. Other senior roles he has held at the company include Chief Operating Officer, and Senior Vice President of Global Operations & Global Operations Support and Training.

Since Mr. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s took over the management of the company he has stated that insensitive language and racism will not be tolerated at all levels of Papa John’s International. He has also noted that Papa John International Inc. is an international company with over 120, 000 franchise and corporate team from across the world working hard to provide its customers with better pizza and better services. To this end, he has noted that the company works with people from all walks of life to meet and exceed the needs of the customers.

To make this possible, Steve Ritchie has stated that the company will be hiring an outside expert to assist in auditing the company’s diversity, culture, as well as inclusion practices. This will be important for the company as it will allow Papa John to identify its weaknesses and strengths. It will also help the company get the right feedback on how it can move forward.

In carefully crafted letter sent to the members of the public following allegations of harassment and racism in the company, the CEO observed that he will implement an open door policy to ensure that the top management is easily accessible to customers and employees. This is an effort to regain the trust of the stakeholders who were hurt by the actions of some senior managers of the company.

For Steve Ritchie, serving customers better is his biggest desire. His pride is to see the company thrive as it makes clients happy. He is leading in an effort to ensure that all the previous wrongs of the company have been identified and dealt with completely. Moreover, he wants to be held responsible for anything that goes on the company. Check out this Twitter status from Papa John’s.

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