Southridge Capital Focusing More on Cash Than Return

Founded in 1996 under the able leadership of Stephen Hicks, Southridge Capital has continued to grow to greater heights in the business scenario. The BS holder in business administration and MBA graduate from Fordham University has brought great insight to Southridge. Before he came up with Southridge, Hicks worked with a hedge fund and it was when his boss went on retirement that the Southridge concept came into play. With over three decades of experience, Hicks understands that a satisfied customer always takes priority. With these years of experience, Hicks and his team understand their environment and can tell which investments will work and those that won’t. He ensures that his present investments are at par with his portfolio’s goals.


According to bizjournals, Steven Hicks insists that a keen eye should be placed on the portfolio’s cash proceeds productivity and the daily list. This action has helped his fund grow and keep his customers happy. He insists that any activity on the portfolio and daily list that does not quench productivity should be scrapped off. He does not place good money after bad money and concentrates on cash rather than returns.


During an interview carried out by IdeaMensch, Steven Hicks talked about how he started the company and revealed much more. On a typical day, he allocates duties for himself and his staff then goes ahead to look for new ventures while ensuring his existing investments are well catered for. During the interview, he mentioned that experience helps him to bring new ideas to life. For him, the pot and cryptocurrency trends truly excite him. He disclosed that the one habit that has ensured he remains more productive in business is checking through the daily list and concentrating on cash proceeds from the portfolio daily.


Talking about his experience with failure, Steven Hicks mentioned that he once put a lot of money into an organization called Petals but it all went down the drain. To get out of this, Southridge Capital remained liquid enough till they could earn their way out. He advised people to read “Titan” a biographical story of Rockefeller and how he became successful.