Fagali’I Airport Welcomes You To Paradise

Fagali Airport is located on the on the island of Upolu in the South Pacific. It is only about a five minute drive to the capital city of Apia’s downtown cultural center. This small airport hub, hidden in the lush landscape of the island, offers flights from Pago Pago and Savai’i daily bringing travelers to explore all the tropical extravagances the island has to offer.

According to wikipedia.org, Polynesian airlines also offers direct international flights from several major cities around the world. The size of the airport does limit its daily capacity. However, it was a much heralded addition to the aviation world since the nearest airport is in Faleolo, which is a 45 minute drive to Apia. This ideal location of the Fagali Airport has regenerated a wealth of tourism dollars flowing more easily into the local area.

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Fagali Airport, originally owned by Polynesian Airlines and the Samoan government, actually began as a grassy air strip years earlier until it was paved in 2002. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns as well as noise issues from the community, it was closed in 2005. Luckily, Polynesian Airlines reopened the airport in 2009 after an extensive renovation program allowing the opportunity for international flights as well.

In 2013, Samoa Air began using Fagali Airport offering a limited number of daily flights to and from American Samoa according to world-airport-codes.com. Polynesian Airlines was not in favor of this change as they had always owned the airport solely for their company’s use. Apparently, they were able to see the larger scope of the benefits of this move and allowed Samoa Air full access to their facilities.

Fagali Airport is classified as a public airport operated by Samoa Airport Authority. It serves the town of Apia with the nautical location of Fagali’i-Uta and the geological coordinates of 13° 50′ 54″ S, 171° 44′ 30″ W.

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