Ara Chackerian’s Advice on Mental Health Awareness

Ara Chackerian, co-founder and board member of TMS Solutions, doubles up as a philanthropist and investor of our times. His company provides treatment to people suffering from depression that is resistant to treatment. Throughout his life, Ara has been an entrepreneur and a proud investor. He has more than twenty years of experience in creating companies that specialize in healthcare as he incorporates technology in their systems. You can visit





Nearly ten years of research into the world of psychiatry led him and his partner to discover the untapped market of treatment programs suitable for patients suffering from Transcaranical Magnetic Stimulation. It was the administering of TMS treatment together with therapy that proved the efficiency of the program that caused Ara Chackerian to venture deeper into depression treatment.




In his article titled ‘Five Important things to do during Mental Health month,’ Ara Chackerian emphasizes on the need to understand persons dealing with mental health. He expressly notes that sharing experiences is an important path on the road to recovery. It is worth noting that most people have suffered from mental health at some point in their lives, therefore, making it vital for these people to share their experiences. He also advises people to use language that empowers the patients and creates a safe space for them to share their feelings. This is perhaps the essential way of helping people with mental health problems since sharing eases the burden of their condition. When the person feels heard, they can fight depression better as opposed to feeling lonely.




Another critical factor is to ensure that one guards their mental health even as they seek to help others. Psychiatrists have noted the importance of protection of one’s mind and guarding against being dragged into the depression state of those whom we seek to help out. Finally, he urges people to be involved in activities carried out during mental health month and all year round. This will help sensitize the people on how to deal with those suffering from mental health and also empower the society to fight the stigma surrounding this issue. You can visit their Facebook page.


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