The Critical Stages Involved in Financial Planning – Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair is a financial expert who provides retirement to his clients in Austin, Texas. He states that for you to achieve your financial objectives, you need a financial plan. His work at Wealth Solutions is to assist individuals come up with a financial plan. His primary objectives is to develop his clients with an effective financial roadmap that will be of great assistance in their finances.

Throughout the years, he has managed to successfully formulate a financial plan through three crucial phases. His paradigm has proved to be working due to the numerous positive feedback from his previous clients. According to Robert Blair, the three-pillar financial planning process enables him to understand his clients in a better way. Thus, he is in a better position to develop a friendly retirement plan based on the client’s financial situation and goals. The three stages are described below.

The First Stage

The first stage focuses on developing a financial roadmap by assessing the goals, liquidity needs, growth opportunities, and risk tolerance of a client. Additionally, Richard is able to build an honest relationship with the client. He formulates the financial plan with regards to the clients concerns and growth expectations.

The Second Stage

The second stage encompasses on developing a long-term investment opportunity. Here, Richard drafts an investment plan based on the liquidity needs and concerns of a client. Through his expertise he manages liquidity assets of his clients by relocating them during harsh financial markets. This is to ensure that they are not affected by the worse financial situation.

The Third Stage

The final stage comes after the financial roadmap has been drafted and the investment plan has been developed. The final stage focuses on monitoring and implementing. In this case, Richard Blair tracks the performance of the client through the necessary tools.

About Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair specializes in offering retirement plans to his clients in Austin, Texas. He is always committed in ensuring that individuals, families, and small business owners meet their financial goals. He currently serves as the founder and CEO of Wealth Solutions.