Wes Edens’ Influence in the Financial World

Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman were the brains behind the establishment of Fortress Investment Group back in 1998. The latter has since hung up his boots and currently spends a huge chunk of his time on car racecourses. The other two have stood the test of time and are still principals at the leading alternative asset management firm in the US.Since the inception of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens has actively been a part of the private equity division. The division has invested largely in real estate, infrastructure, media, and healthcare. His vast experience ensures that he does not have a hard time with complex investments. He also co-chairs the board of the New York City-based hedge fund manager.He was involved in the formulation of the flat management structure. The leadership model provided numerous channels for employees to voice their opinions on different matters in the firm.

Over the years, it has paid dividends as the employees do not feel intimidated while executing their duties. They also give their all and this has led to great fortunes for the company. Wes Edens attended the Oregon State University. He completed his studies in 1984 with a BS in business administration and finance. Three years later, he joined the Lehman Brothers as a partner. This marked the beginning of an illustrious career. He also served as the managing director of the firm.In 1993 he moved to Blackrock where he served as partner and M.D. for another four years. It was at the back of the success he enjoyed in these firms that he went on to join hands with Nardone and Kauffmann to establish their own company.The accomplished American business owner has also invested immensely in sports. He co-owns both FlyQuest and Milwaukee Bucks. He parted with $550 million in 2014 to acquire the NBA franchise. He did this alongside Marc Lasry.

In 2017 the Bucks acquired an NBA D-league team. Wes Edens encouraged his basketball staff to make the most of the resources of the new team.The eSports team, on the other hand, joined the League of Legends and participates in the Championship Series of North America. FlyQuest is part of Fortress Investment Group’s plan to get involved in professional video gaming. It brings together eSports professionals who take part in different global competitions. FlyQuest was previously owned by Cloud9 who received $2.5 million for the franchise.Wes Edens intends to use his expertise in financial affairs to grow FlyQuest and bring on board valuable partnerships. He has set his eyes on the top eSports level.