Malcolm CasSelle: Looking to the Future

By now it should be obvious to anyone that technologies the future. A major portion of this is going to be in the form of video games. The enjoyment of video games has risen exponentially as the market has made it clear that consumers enjoy them. As gamers invest more time in digital worlds the need for a viable and seamless marketplace has shown itself. Currently, people who wish to buy or sell digital goods struggle with a decentralized market as well as the fear of fraud. This very real issue has brought the attention and ultimately the suggested solution from entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle.

Malcolm’s solution to this problem was the founding of worldwide asset exchange. This is more easily known and referred to as WAX. This virtual asset trading platform is powered by a new block the chain courtesy of the minds behind OPSkins as well as Malcolm. They believe that this will answer what is perceived to be the two biggest issues facing these marketplaces. They believe by creating the service it will bring all users together to one market so that fragmentation is no longer an issue. Users can now trade without ever having to leave what they’re doing in the game behind. This kind of convenience is likely to draw the crowd expected. The other issue they believe that this will address is the issue of fraud. Fraud is often a concern of anyone in trading online. The new blockchain is considered extremely secure and can simply and easily execute the trades needed by users.

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur are with a very future-minded outlook. He has been ahead of the curve in many technology-related breakthroughs. He has had the forethought to invest in companies such as Facebook. A more recent example of his ability to predict future trends in the market is his thoughtful investment in Bitcoin. He fills many roles across different companies currently he acts as the CIO of OPSkins. He also has founded companies overseas. One of his largest overseas business ventures is the foundation of a telecom company called PCCW, in China.