Jason Hope Supports The Fight Against Age Related Illnesses

Jason Hope has been at the forefront of the fight against the effects of aging for many years now and has now partnered his efforts with those of Aubrey de Grey, who founded the SENS research foundation. SENS develops regenerative medicine techniques to treat damages resulting from age-related illnesses.

The Foundation is host to the annual Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference that provides a meeting of the minds that will hopefully one day result in medicines that fight back against age-related medical conditions. The speakers at the event are among the leading experts in the industry and welcome the opportunity to learn as well as teach.

In one demonstration of the commitment of Jason Hope to the anti-aging initiative, he made a $500,000 donation to the SENS Research Foundation. The donation helped SENS to construct its Cambridge SENS Laboratory while also providing funding for the organization’s research program.

Jason Hope has expressed that he was happy to be in a position to provide funding for the foundation and says that he has long appreciative the work SENS has done to combat aging. The SENS Research Foundation concentrates the majority of its efforts on degenerative diseases that accelerate the process of aging.

Hope mentions chronic lung disease and Alzheimer’s as two afflictions that exemplify the necessity of the work done by SENS. He explains that these diseases do more than affect the lungs and the brains but also cause the aging of other parts of the body earlier than would have happened otherwise.

The newly constructed laboratory available for use by SENS has led to the development of a program the organization’s researchers call the “AGE-Breaker.” Drugs that are included in this program protocol all have in common that they are able to facilitate the breakdown of “advanced glycation end products.”

These AGEs are metabolic waste products that are naturally created in the body. When these AGEs build up over time they lead to degenerative effects in the body. The diseases that result from the body breaking down under the strain of AGEs are dubbed as age-related illnesses.

Jason Hope believes that the lack of research that has been performed on methods to treat these ailments make the work of the SENS Foundation even more important. This is why he says he will continue to pledge his support to the organization and back this up with regular contributions to provide funding for the quality work they are doing.

About Jason Hope: tech.co/author/jasonhope