The RealReal Has An Antique That Your Daughter Will Love

Antiques are a particular style that most decorators look for from time to time. In some stores, there is a chance for you to taste wine and cake to see those dishes will send guests to get seconds. When getting into clothes and shoes, there are consignment shops at places such as the RealReal. This beautiful shop was founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright.

The business owner, formerly a CEO of, worked hard to get the right displays in her stores to feel like consumers had great selections. Wainwright wanted to bring the “elite” to the RealReal, and as a result, Julie announced to the city of New York that there was a new store that they needed to learn more about. Inside the RealReal, there are fascinating clothes, books, purchases, sunglasses, and wallets what the consumers seemed to love. They have a 70s feel to them. The average person couldn’t wear the outspoken patterns. The shop seems to be for the eclectic. There are some folks in the world that loves to travel to art museums. Well, think of this shop as a walking canvas antique shop.

The definite need for you to love bright colors is there. Because of the need to be able to express your personality, it seems that consumers run to New York or via the RealReal online store to purchase items. As of last year, the shop made a total of $50 million dollars. The stores was able to open 18 offices that also continue to promote this style of clothing. The RealReal is planning on covering more areas in the future besides San Francisco, New York, L.A., Chicago, and Washington, DC.

The store also expanded to fine jewelry and watches for those who are into antique jewelry. The older a ring is, the more value it has. For example, if you have a ring that you have purchased 20 years ago, it will still hold its value as long as the owner is taking care of it. Wainwright is enjoying her new found career. And until the store expands to overseas, Julie will continue to promote from the home office.