Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers Are Dreaming Of Doing It Different

If you were to go back in time just a few years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to actually and accurately forecast how successful Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart would be with their DJ-Pop group, The Chainsmokers. DJ & dance music has always been popular, but only in a relatively niche way. The Chainsmokers have been dominating both the radio and the Billboard Charts for years now with singles like ‘Roses’, ‘Closer’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’.

Alex and Andrew both m et while working as DJs in and around New York City. The two were pushed toward a meeting by a mutual friend and it was there that they quickly realized that there could be something special about the work that they were doing. Pall and Taggart both realized that they were driven workers who wanted to bring this style of music to the next level. The two decided to quit their day-jobs and turn full-time toward making music, a decision that would prove to be incredibly fortuitous for the two of them. Pall and Taggart admit that they worked seven days a week in order to develop their sound and style and they credit that enthusiasm as a driving factor of their success.

Looking back at their beginnings, Pall can’t help but be impressed by their initial drive. While many bands plan to work together in their free time, Pall and Taggart would be working from “9 AM to 7 PM” every day in order to craft their identity and hone their skills. Pall also admits that they were still really learning the ins and outs of the style of music that they wanted to create for their fans, a fact which is not lost on the legions of concert-goers that flock to arenas in order to watch The Chainsmokers perform. Pall wraps up his thought process by saying, “What we’ve become is so much bigger than what anyone could have imagined.” While The Chainsmokers have had almost untoward success, Pall and Taggart both know to not take it for granted. Being in the dance and election genre has made them work day and night to constantly prove themselves.