Robert Deignan and His Business Decisions

ATS Digital Overview and Certification


ATS Digital is formerly known as Advanced Tech Support. ATS Digital is a call center company. They recently received a certification by AppEsteem. They have become certified for quality support services. AppEsteem was founded by cybersecurity founders from Microsoft. In order to receive certification from AppEsteem, ATS had to meet 39 compliance markers.


ATS has provided technical services since 2011. ATS has offered services though telephone and screen sharing enabled technologies. Chief Executive Officer Robert Deignan commented on the goal of ATS. He said consumer-based compliance is the structure of ATS’s business portfolio. During the review process in January of 2017, ATS noticed they had met most of AppESteem’s qualifications needed for certification. After the company realized they had already met most the requirements, they decided to become certified. They wanted to send a message to security companies and regulators. They hoped the certification would send a signal to competitors and industry execuatives that they are operating on a professional level. ATS says this type of certification will benefit their business.


Robert Deignan and His Accomplishments in Business


Robert Deignan says he is thrilled to be associated with AppEsteem’s company. He says he looks forward to their support regarding ATS Digital. Deignan earned a BS in Organizational Leadership at Purdue University from 1992 to 1995. He has had a long career in business, associating himself with multiple companies. During 1998, Robert Deignan co-founded a company that did not have longevity. That disappointment did not stop him, he went on to create and initiate other business endeavors. He says he focuses on the community and donates to charity. Robert Deignan has a strong focus on technology. His goal is to provide service for his clients and customers.


AppEsteem requirements are made based upon the opinions from regulators in government, law enforcement and the software industry. AppEsteem says the are focused on protecting consumers. They suggest they are contributing in building a successful software downloading industry.