Mike Baur – A Man About His Business

A Little About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is businessman with a true entrepreneurial spirit. Originally from Switzerland, he attended the both the Bern University and the University of Rochester to earn his degrees in business. His entrepreneurial spirit transpired at the tender age of 16. He began his career in banking as an apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland. Bauer moved up in the banking arena quickly, at age 30 he was promoted to the highly sort after advisory position.


Mike Baur’s new advisory position with the bank, gave him privy to high profile Swiss investors. Baur used his investment knowledge in guiding the the wealthiest and top investors in Switzerland. He later moved on to Clariden Leu, a bank in Zurich. Again he was positioned in a high ranking position, but his entrepreneurial spirit crept up again. Bauer did not stay with the banking field for long, his ambitions were bigger and his need to help others grew even more.


The Beginning of A Change – A New Mike Baur

Mike Baur and Max Meister, Founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The company’s main focus is to mentor and fund innovative technological advancements. The company offers supplies, funding, and in some cases a rental property for start-ups to set up and open their doors to the public. Each new start-up receives three months of services through the Swiss Startup Factory. Within those three months the owners of the start-ups learn how to market their services worldwide, how to get funding from potential investors, and any educational tools needed for long-term success of their company.


In addition to helping the tech world, Baur created another company called Think Reloaded. Think Reloaded focuses on aiding more seasoned clients with financial and investment advice. Because of Think Reloaded, Baur and Meister are now part of BV4 and its collaboration with SSUF and CTI Invest in aiding entrepreneurs with financing and marketing. The collaboration was also important in backing and creating of the training events called Swiss Startup Day


Now you can find Mike Baur wearing multiple hats of leadership. Baur continues his work with Think Reloaded and the Swiss Startup Factory. In addition to that, he is on the board of directors for BV4. Baur spends most of his time looking for funding and financing at SSUF. His continuous hard work has made it possible for many entrepreneurs to see their dreams come true.