Dr. Jennifer Walden: There Is Not A Single Thing To Fear

A lot of people have talked about getting plastic surgery done and how they want to do it, but they are scared to pull the trigger for whatever reason. There is something inside of them that is holding them back and not allowing them to fully embrace the idea and wrap their head around it. It changes for them when they meet Dr. Jennifer Walden out of Austin, Texas, as she is the real deal. She is as good as they come in the field of plastic surgery. She is considered an expert and someone that knows everything there is to know about the subject matter and then some.When it comes to women, one of the things they really respond to with her is the fact she has an all-female staff. She has given 16 women jobs at her place of employment. She wants to give them the chance to show what they can do and the chance to really shine.

After all, she worked in a field that was mostly male-dominated, and she knows how hard it was for her at the start. She wants to make things a little bit easier for her female counterparts. She wants them to get the chance to prove themselves.She has proven herself both as a plastic surgeon and also as a person. She has shown that people can have it all: a career and a family. This is very important to her. Her two sons, Houston and Rex, twins, mean the world to her. It is why her practice is in Austin, Texas. She wants to remain as close to them as possible. She also sees how well Austin, Texas treats its female workers. It is home for her and always will be home. It is somewhere she feels incredibly comfortable.It allows her to do her job the right way. She is tickled that people trust her, and she wants to show them that their trust was earned the right way. She has many repeat customers and a tremendous word of mouth from people that are very satisfied with the results.

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