About Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. McKenna is an accredited Medical Doctor with expertise in matters to do with Medicine and Abscission by the Panel of Medical Examiners from Florida and Georgia State. Apart from being a doctor, he is also a patient advocate and a community servant that is dedicated to his work. He is also an alumnus of the Medical School in Tulane University. Dr. Mark is also known to be initially from New Orleans. On clearing his training in medicine Dr. Mark McKenna used to work with his dad while he also launched an investment firm known as McKenna Venture Investments at the same time. It is boutique real property development firm. Later, McKenna started a company that came to be known as Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc which employed so many individuals and offered finance, turnkey design-build, and real estate closing services. One of his lowest moments came on 29th August, 2005 when a hurricane called Katrina destroyed New Orleans and also his business properties. After the hurricane, Dr. Mark McKenna took part in building the town through building of low- moderation income housing.

In 2007 around November Dr. McKenna relocated to Atlanta where he started ShapeMed. This is a fitness and medical practice firm that was based on aesthetics that later was sold to a firm known as Life Time Fitness Company, where Dr. McKenna was serving as a Medical Director. He later on, founded OVME which is a firm that is mainly focused in reinventing the healthcare facilities.

Dr. Mark McKenna is also a father and a husband to Gianine McKenna who are both parents to Elle Milena and Ryder Pomeranian who is four years old. Dr. McKenna is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and has been seen to be a former board member of Industrial Development Board of New Orleans. To know more about him click here.

Source of the OVME idea

Dr. Mark McKenna got the idea to start his OVME firm while working in the aesthetic medical industry. After the company grew to be one of the largest aesthetic companies in America, he sold it a company that was doing trade in the public domain.

Dr. Mark admits that being a voracious reader has enabled him to be a successful entrepreneur. He also reveals that if he were given, a chance to be a start all over again, he would take his time to find his passion and not rush as he did earlier on.