Glen Wakeman Spearheads Significant Growth Through Finance

Businessman Glen Wakeman has led an illustrious career during which he has worked with and overseen the operations of numerous corporations. Now based out of Miami, Florida, Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC and works to share his leadership skills and creative vision with others in the field of finance. Focused on a few main principles of business management, Glen Wakeman has personally enhanced the culture of businesses totaling $15 billion in assets and thousands of members on staff.

Wakeman had a clear image of his career path even during his time at university. He attended the University of Scranton and graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. In order to fine-tune his business skills, Wakeman pursued further education at the University of Chicago. He graduated with his MBA in 1993 and immediately entered the field of finance.

Starting out at GE Capital, Glen Wakeman held a position as a business development manager. The challenges and experience would give Wakeman his own entrepreneurial skills down the road. Wakemen displayed excellent leadership and created successful ventures. He would also serve as Board Chairman.

Now in charge of his own created firm LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman can fully realize his vision of giving the best ideas the proper capital with which they can hit the ground running (Blogwebpedia). This is possible through easy and integrated software platforms that LaunchPad provides to small businesses. He works closely with numerous startups in his portfolio, and stresses the same main principles that guided his success to other business leaders.

As an influential entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman is not just known domestically. He has spearheaded business plans and worked with other companies in over 30 different regions throughout the world. Wakeman himself has personally lived in six separate countries during his career. It comes as no surprise that, through his influence and leadership, Glen Wakeman is known in business circles on an international level.