Julia Jackson & The Seeds of Empowerment

Julia JacksonFemale empowerment is a trait that all women should posses. Unfortunately, life throws us all a few curb balls here and there, but bouncing back should be the very first solution of choice. No one demonstrates this more so than Julia Jackson. She is the living embodiment if the word empowerment, and she named her very own nonprofit foundation as the Seeds of Empowerment. Julia comes from a family of hard working wine producers. When she was a little girl, Julia would work along side of her father in the fields. She and her siblings would pick and sort through grape after grape. Luckily, this action helped to instill hard work and what the value of a dollar truly mean. Jackson Family Wines is the name of the family business, and it falls under the Cambria Estate Vineyard and Winery. This company/brand produces some of the finest of wines in the country as well as around the world.Julia spent a lot of her time studying at Scripps College and at Stanford University. She even participated in professional modeling back in the day.

After working at numerous wineries, she began to experience passion for this fine craft of anJulia Jackson industry and the rest was history. While in France, Julia would shadow influential industry personnel, she would work long 14-hour days, and she would fully immerse herself into the culture. By the time she came back home, she was a fluent French speaker, and she taught sixth-grade French class. Italy, Australia, Chile, France and South Africa are prominent locations to where this company has wineries. Whether it’s rose, red or white wines, Jackson Family Wines can produce it. Tepusquet Vineyard Viognier compliments pasta, mushrooms and shrimp very well. This wine is loaded with bursting citrus flavors and aromas. Julia has already planted the seeds of success and now it’s time to see how much it grows.