Doe Deere’s Empowering Modern Makeup Brand Lime Crime

Many women would agree that makeup should be fun, highly personal, made with long-lasting formulas and empower your definition of beauty.


That’s what the Lime Crime cosmetics brand was built on, and Ceo and founder Doe Deere continues to create modern makeup that plays with makeup trends and amazing pops of unusual colors.


In a Lime Crime world, metallic gold or cement-colored lipstick is proper, cool and lots of fun to put on. The color palettes are bold and beautiful and so different from the boring beige palettes the major cosmetics brands have been promoting for years.


Russian-born Doe Deere sat down with to talk business in the beauty industry.


Doe Deere moved to New York City at age 17 and began dabbling in her favorite creative pursuits. She opened up a clothing boutique on Ebay and also joined a band. She met her musical husband Mark, and these days, they collaborate on the Lime Crime side of business.


She was lured to the makeup industry after being unable to hunt down vibrant cosmetics in colors that she would like to blend with her strong fashion and playful hair shade choices ( Even a city as large as NYC offered very little in the way of modern makeup.


Doe Deere saw the business edge in that beauty slot and went for it. In 2008, she launched Lime Crime cosmetics, and today, the company is huge on social media with a global fan base. Both young women and men are addicted to everything Lime Crime, and the products have become cult favorites, often selling out so quickly.


Lime Crime’s famous Velvetines liquid to matte lipsticks are a huge seller. The pigments are rich, and the colors are bad and sexy. The makeup is longlasting and often includes fantasy details like glitter, shine and iridescence. There is nothing else quite like it on the market.


To sell makeup on e-commerce is almost never easy to do or maintain, but Lime Crime makeup has soared and remains a major draw. Doe Deere wears her own brand of Lime Crime makeup and believes in cosmetics that empower a young woman or man to define their individual standards of beauty.


She is also very skilled with the internet and social media and has been brilliant at building a beauty brand in a brief period of time.


Lime Crime is now based in Los Angeles and is a certified vegan and cruelty-free makeup company.