Omar Yunes: The Best Franchise of the World Awardee

Businesses always want to be the best in the market. Their entrepreneurs always try to be the best in the market and always offer the best deals for the public. Their efforts translate to profit and to awards, and this goal is what drives the best companies to deal with the hardest challenges today.

In the case of Omar Yunes, the problem of leading in the industry comes in the form of franchising and leadership styles. Omar’s efforts, however, don’t come unrecognized, though, because the latest news is that Omar Yunes received the Best Franchisee of the World Award for his contribution to the Sushi Itto brand.

The Achievement That Leads To Progress

Omar Yunes’ winning the recognition for the franchise of Sushi Itto was given on December 5 in Florence, Italy because of the excellent contributions that he gave for the brand network he’s running. Even at the age of 21 Omar Yunes already showed promise in developing campaigns for the benefit of the company that he runs. Since running Sushi Itto, Omar already owns about 10% of the entire brand.

The branches that Omar Yunes managed are all from Mexico City, Veracruz and the esteemed region of Puebla. The award, of course, made Omar Yunes proud, especially because the competition comprised countries such as Brazil, France, Mexico, and Argentina. CEO of Sushi Itto Benjamin Cancelmo also said that the award also makes it clear that the workforce running Sushi Itto is doing their best to make the brand the best there is.

Omar Yunes: The ProfileThe man behind the award, Omar Yunes, is the leading businessman who makes sure that the food chain he runs contributes to making the products that the people need the best in the market today. With Omar Yunes’ leadership, there are now more than 400 employees who enjoy the jobs that Omar Yunes provided.

With its extensive franchising skills and the awards he gained from various competition, Omar continues to inspire many leaders to do their best in making the food industry the best and the most innovative in the industry. Omar also doesn’t forget to give the right compensation for the workers that help him achieve the greater heights of the company.