Founder of Women-First Dating App Bumble: Whitney Wolfe

Bumble, a women-first dating app has recently declined an offer to buy their company for $450 million. The offer came from Match Group, which is a giant corporation that owns popular businesses such as Tinder, and OKCupid. An interesting fact is that the co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe, is the founder of Bumble. She is no longer affiliated with Tinder due to a lawsuit filed by her for sexual harassment. She sued the parent company of Tinder, InterActive Corp just two years after starting Tinder.

A short while later, Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble and her fiery passion for innovation has not been dwindled one bit. Bumble was launched in December 2014 and received over 20 million downloads since. This company is growing at a remarkable pace and is averaging a 50,000 user increase every single day. Bumble is headquartered in Austin, TX, and has offices in London, Germany and Australia. This recent offer of $450 million has not fazed Bumble whatsoever, their main focus is expansion and reaching as many people as possible.

Bumble has a unique style where the women in heterosexual interactions makes the first move. Meaning, the man has to wait for the woman to engage first upon being paired together.

Wolfe has gone through a lot, considering how many news outlets picked up the sexual harassment lawsuit that she was involved in. Throughout all of that, she kept working hard. It wasn’t easy at first and she thought about leaving the dating app scene entirely, but the founder of Badoo, a social-networking site, encouraged her to keep going. She then decided to come up with ideas centered around the theme of giving women more control. This is how Bumble came to be and the inspiration behind its founder.

The amazing worldwide team at Bumble will continue innovating and expanding no matter what. Rumors state that Bumble swiftly moved past the $450 million acquisition offer and is focusing on the future. Besides, a credible source mentioned that the company is worth around $500 million and that they intend to keep climbing.

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