George Soros Continues Fighting for Civil Rights With Donations to Ferguson Activists

Liberal billionaire George Soros has a long history of putting his money where his mouth is, especially when it comes to ensuring civil rights for all people. When the Ferguson protests broke out in 2015, in response to police violence against victim Michael Brown, it could have been a short term, quick fizzle protest. Instead, it has inspired an entire movement dedicated to the Black Lives Matter cause.

Soros has long fueled the liberal causes throughout Europe with his Open Society Foundation, donating to civic organizations and non-profits which fight for democracy, equality, and civil rights for all people, but especially the most marginalized in society. Now, Soros has turned his attention to the home front of the country he’s called home for the last forty years.

As detailed in the Washington Times, George Soros has donated 33 million dollars to groups fighting to keep the Ferguson protests and Black Lives Matter cause alive. That financial boost has kept the spotlight on an issue of police violence against minorities that otherwise may have been forgotten again before the next moment of outrage. It also allowed them to delve deeper into the root causes of the problem, and conduct studies which prove their point to the general public. And the cause itself is very close to home for George Soros, who has long fought for the forgotten and marginalized in society. Read more at Washington Times.

He founded the Open Society Foundation in 1993, shortly after the end of the Cold War and Communist era that had marginalized the average citizens of his native country, Hungary. During the 1980s, George Soros had donated extensively to organizations that fought against Apartheid in South Africa, Communism in Eastern Europe, and so with the end of the Cold War, he used the Open Society Foundation to start turning his attention also on problems in the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

George Soros was one of the first philanthropists to openly criticize the “war on drugs” as causing more harm to the community than it offered help. That led him to also become one of the first proponents of medical marijuana, and in the early 2000s, the same-sex marriage fight was added to his list of primary causes in the United States.

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While some of these problems have easy solutions, and some are even finding solutions partially backed with the millions of dollars he has provided to the effort, others remain deeply intractable for policy-makers and community activists alike. One of the defining features of many causes within the Open Society Foundation is George Soros’ willingness to get involved in issues where there are no easy answers, like the struggle to balance the work of Black Lives Matter activists and the police officers in communities throughout the country. Learn more about his profile at