The Entrepreneurial Journey of America’s Leading Serial Entrepreneur, Bradley Reifler

Bradley Carl Reifler, mostly referred to as Brad, is an American serial entrepreneur and financial expert. He was among the founders of Forefront Capital Markets Management, LLC, a New York-based financial firm to which he has been serving as CEO for the last eight years.

Brad Reifler was born in a family with a rich entrepreneurial background, with his grandfather- Ray E. Friedman, having have founded Refco Incorporation. Brad is an alumnus of Bowdoin College.

Brad’s Early Career

Brad’s exciting career stretches to over three decades, having made a debut in the early 80s. His first major venture was the Reifler Trading Corporation, a firm he established in 1982. His hard work and determination were instrumental in the impressive growth of the firm, with its worth hitting millions of dollars within a few years. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

The firm was able to establish itself as a reputable financial research center that advised business executives on the then prevailing trends in the financial sector. A decade later, Brad Reifler established another financial company, Reifler Capital Management, which he managed up until 1995. That was the year that he joined Refco Incorporation as a sales executive and the same year that he established Pali Capital Incorporation.

Sales Executive at Refco

PR Newswire believed that as the head of sales, Brad Reifler was put in charge of Refco’s Institutional Sales Desk. His main role was to help the company to cement its global presence and to consolidate its regional client base. As such, Brad worked extra hard to see to it that the company’s global derivatives were properly taken care of.

Brad also played a vital role in ensuring that the clients, particularly the high net worth clients, had all of their investment needs satisfied. The foreign exchange docket was also placed directly under him.

Pali Capital

Brad Reifler served in this role until the company was sold in the year 2000. By that time, he had managed to put the company on the global scale, earning the trust of investors from across the globe.

At a personal level, Brad was able to accumulate a wealth of experience in funding and investment arena. This experience helped him to manage Pali Capital even better, helping it to dominate the equity market in America. He managed Pali until he founded Forefront Capital in 2009.