Rick Smiths’ Career in the Correctional System

Rick Smith is the CEO and the current serving President of Securus Technologies, Inc., a company that provides correctional facilities in the United States with technological solutions. Mr. Smith’s educational background is one mirrored with exceptional performance, and it enabled him to gain a set of skills that later became very useful in his career. From Rochester Institute of Technology Smith was able to obtain an associate’s degree, from the States University of New York Mr. Smith earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering and later on from the same university he received his master’s degree in engineering. A couple of years later on Rick Smith again returned to Rochester University and did his Master’s in Business Administration.

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All the way through the years, Rick has acquired a rich knowledge base in the telecommunication sector, and as a result enabled Smith to be appointed in a series of positions in an extensive array of disciplines at Frontier Corporation. At Frontier Corporation he acted as a Technologies President. When working at Midwest Telephone Company, he was its Vice President of Operations; Network Plant Operations Director; Director of Business Development as well as the company’s Financial Management. Also, Mr. Smith was able to hold a series of positions when he worked for Global Crossing North America Inc. The areas comprised operations, IT, finance and business expansion just to state but a few.

When July of 2008 came, Rick Smith was chosen as the CEO of Securus Technologies, Inc. This decision of having him at the helm of the company was supported by the mere fact that Mr. Smith had a lot of skills backed by an implacable sharp focus. As a result of his valuable knowledge Rick Smith’s ability to push and propel the Securus Technologies Corporation onward to yet bigger success. His impel to achieve just the best enabled the company position itself as the decisive leader in the corrections business through its provision of superior products and quality service.

When in 1986 Securus was founded, the company set out to provide cutting edge civil and criminal justice technology solutions aimed at elevating the level of community protection and assist in bringing the incarceration experience in America to become very modern. Securus Technologies headquarters is in Dallas, Texas and the company has many additional regional offices situated in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.

CEO Rick Smith recently went on to state that Securus Technologies, Inc. has for many years remained dedicated to its track of being at the forefront of providing quality technological services and helping those prisoners who are incarcerated. The company only connects them with their family members and their loved ones back at home. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.