Swiss Start up Factory Advances Forward in Partnership Utilizing Mike Baur’s Strategic Vision

Swiss Start up Factory (SSUF) has now surpassed its two year milestone after it was founded in 2014 by CEO and Chairman Mike Baur. The Switzerland based company is now the principle startup company and has the fastest growing program in the industry.


Mike Baur developed the company from a banking background. After spending 20 years in the banking industry, he decided against the traditional models of creating a new type of business. Mike’s experiences led him to being appointed to an Executive board for a Swiss private bank, which he could have used very easily to pursue a high-ranking position in the banking industry. The decision to start SSUF was a risk that has provided Mike the greatest success, for himself and his team, in just two years.


The company recently announced its partnership with ETH Entrepreneur Club. This partnership has been long in the making since they have built a relationship over the last two years. The new partnership is part of SSUF’s strategic development plan, for the company, and creates an opportunity to further develop strong business talent. Those individuals wanting to achieve the best will now have the best of two worlds as SSUF and ETH broaden their partnership and integrate resources.


The goal of the partnership will be to establish more talent from ETH, and SSUF will commit to supporting full start up benefits of the accelerator program. With ETH’s continued fostering of entrepreneurs and bringing those business minds together with SSUF, it makes the ideal partnership. SSUF has a three-month accelerator program that enables entrepreneurs the ability to utilize financial resources, coaches, office space and mentoring in order to build their startup. As the partnership with ETH forges ahead, SSUF will be able to develop new batches of those who make it through the creative process of the accelerator program.


Mike has led the company through its first bench-mark of success with incredible results. He has continued to bring his passion and entrepreneurial spirit to drive the changes needed to elevate the company. For Mike Baur, the banking industry is now in his rear view mirror. Mike’s dealings with the banks these days are only related to fundraising, for his company and investors, in order to network with the program’s future business leaders.


In two years SSUF has received 1,500 applications and recently started its Advisory Board which also plays a key role in the further advancement of the company.