Talk Fusion CEO On a Mission to Save Lives

Running a successful business can be hard work. In fact, starting up a company in an industry that is still largely unknown can feel impossible. Bob Reina predicted that video marketing would be the future and that is what led him to establish Talk Fusion back in 2007. Since its inception Talk Fusion has become one of the biggest video marketing and communication solution companies around. 2016 saw Talk Fusion score some huge industry awards and it has led us to look closer at the man behind it all: Bob Reina. It turns out that Reina’s path to success is one part business savvy and one part philanthropic dedication.


With great success comes greater responsibility. That is the motto that Bob Reina lives by and it is likely the fuel that injects energy and passion into everything that he does. If you sat down and spoke with Bob Reina about philanthropy you would no doubt hear him mention that motto to you. It is the DNA that pulses through the successful wave that Talk Fusion is riding on. Reina’s recently implemented a charity account option into Talk Fusion that is turning the company into one of the bigger philanthropic givers around. The charity account is a mirror of the premium monthly plan from Talk Fusion with the added twist that it gets attached to a charity of choice by Talk Fusion. This means that all profits get funneled straight to the charity, a huge and noble gesture for such a successful company.


Talk Fusion follows the lead of its CEO and we totally understand why. Reina has been involved with giving back for years now and he is always devoted to finding new ways to revolutionize the concept. Talk Fusion is supposed to be about living on the cutting edge and Reina’s constantly evolving take on philanthropy is a big reason why. Though Talk Fusion has become his biggest trophy, Reina hasn’t forgotten what it means to give in his personal life either. Reina is prolific in his donations to causes like the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and natural disaster relief funds.