Securus Technologies Receive the Prestigious Gold Steive Award.

Securus is a large provider of many criminal and civil justice technological solutions. The solutions developed by the company play a greater role towards enhancing public safety, investigation, monitoring and corrections. Recently, the company was the finalist of the Customer Service Training Team of the Year category in the annual Steive Awards for sales and excellent Customer service. The company’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, and serves slightly above 3,450 correctional and law enforcement agencies that house over 1.2 million inmates spread across the entire North America Region. It was a great accomplishment for a company whose primary focus is to ensure public safety and security of prisoners in equal measure.


The company is committed to providing efficient emergency response operations, biometric analysis, incident management, communication, information management, detailed investigations, inmate service and exceptional monitoring products and services. In its vision, Securus Technologies clearly states its aim, which is, to make the world a better place for us. They provide connections that matter promptly.


Many of us attribute active crime detection and prevention to at least one of the Securus technologies. Correctional Agencies make use of the various Securus Crime Prevention and solving. The company receives numerous positive feedbacks regarding emails from its clients in the law enforcement industry.


Carefully analyzed phone conversations have been used to obtain search warrants in cases where there seemed to be no other option. It is made possible by the phone monitoring software that has the capability of tracking phone calls and presenting a substantial amount of evidence to initiate a court process. The phone call monitoring software developed by Securus Technologies is capable of detecting and initiating a prevention mechanism for illegal activities such as inmate using drugs and alcohol by prisoners. Discovering such fraudulent activities within the cells is impossible without the help of the Securus software.


I hope to see a greater and safer world supported by Securus Technologies.