Adam Goldenberg, Taking Over The World Of Fashion And E-Commerce with JustFab

Adam Goldenberg may not appear to be a fashion mogul at first glance, but the man sure has made his mark in the industry. Currently, Adam Goldenberg serves as the co-CEO of JustFab, with his long-time friend and business partner Don Ressler. Adam is a man who has been able to come out with some of the most effective marketing strategies and has led JustFab and numerous of this other company on the road to success. He has had in place some of the most innovative business models that shift the focus of the brand at, from just being a good image to being able to provide the customers with an all-round quality package.

When Adam was still in high school, he co-founded a gaming company called Gamer’s Alliance which was then sold to the Microsoft. Through his life, he has had numerous successful ventures and has had big business ideas come to fruition right before his eyes. Admitting that he would have never thought that he would end up in the world of fashion, Adam Goldenberg sure has created quite an impact on the affordable clothing bracket.

JustFab has been a tremendous success over the past few years and has created quite an impact on the market. JustFab is an online marketplace that gives customers a one-stop portal to buy all of the latest trends in fashion. The company on stands for offering some of the best trends in fashion to its clients, along with membership programs that make them part of a regular clothing delivery cycle. According to their plans on Twitter, customers get some of the best trends in fashion delivered right to their doorstep, every month, only by just registering with an online membership process.

Adam Goldenberg has expanded JustFab exponentially, branching out into the world of kids clothing as well as active wear, with their brand Fabletics. As part of the business model that Adam has drafted, he tried his best to ensure that customers always receive the latest trends in fashion and are always updated with the latest looks while being assured of the best quality products and prices.

As co-CEO, Adam has done a beautiful job in shaping Fabletics to be what it currently is. He has led the company with the tremendous leadership one would only expect from the best entrepreneurs. Being one of the fashion industry’s top brand CEO’s is no ordinary feat, and not easy to achieve either, but with an immensely good eye for business and a commitment to quality, Adam has made it in the fashion world, with JustFab.