An objective review of the internet and mobile service offered by Freedom Pop

When the concept of internet and talk time was still new, I used to swear that under no circumstances would I give in to the life of paying for internet. I believed that this was one of the services that should be absolutely free. However, after the exorbitant rates that have been rolled out by most of the communication companies, I have been forced to swallow my words over and over again. Before paying each of my monthly subscriptions however, I still think and look for cheaper deals and the good news is that I seem to have found a service that might just be the one.


I am talking about Freedom Pop, one of the best free mobile and internet service providers in the country. The system has created such a buzz that I am rethinking all the things that have been norm to me in terms of ISP for the past five years. I actually looked for the service and used myself as a guinea pig for the same. The absolute truth about the service is that it is not for everyone, but would be ideal for the few that fit their plans. The specifications of the services that they offer to their customers are as follows.


The free cell phone service offers 500MB of data and 200 minutes of limitless text messages. The reality is that the data is not much for a person that spends most of their online time on applications such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and other labor intensive applications. However, if you are the kind of person who needs the internet for simple actions such as checking mail; this will be the ideal plan for you.


If you decide to make use of the application, make sure that you keep checking your data balance. This is because when you go over the limit that you have been allotted you will be charged an extra $10 for the additional data. However, the company will send you an automatic email to notify you when this happens.


It is also important to understand that the service is only offered free of charge during the first year of the services. If you would wish to continue with the service after the first year, you will have to pay the $10 per month subscription. The billing will be done without any long term commitment to the provider of the service. Another way to get free additional data from the service is referring friends. The service is definitely worth a try