Betsy DeVos American Educational Pathfinder

Betsy DeVos has been nominated and approved by the Senate as the current Secretary of Education within President Donald. J. Trump’s cabinet. Her position has marked a milestone in academic reform as she brings an absolutely brand new viewpoint towards America’s scholastic system. Her work as an outsider has established her as a no holds bar secretary of education who is poised to treat national education as if it is a business rather than the more unionized educational system America has functioned on in its passed. Betsy DeVos offers a fresh outsider vision and change that are sure to offer the improvements demanded by President Trump

Early Beginnings

A graduate of Calvin College in Michigan, Betsy DeVos has always been more of a rustic blue collar politician. Her beliefs that schools should be armed to deal with any shooters is one that DeVos believes will help alleviate the large numbers of school shootings across the United States and create a more unilateral reform and improvement in student safety. DeVos time in Michigan is where she would establish her core principles centering on favoring charter schools, private schools, and providing parents with the ability to choose what school would best suit their child. Her philosophy of choice is ultimately what earned her spot in President Trump’s cabinet.

Future Success

The future of the educational system lies in the plans that Betsy DeVos has laid out. Her ideals are to focus on a more Christian based mindset that focuses in on the core values of streamlined education that caters towards helping students to improve their scores in high school and college and elevate their results post school while in the workforce. DeVos believes heavily in giving school vouchers an opportunity to allow students to then have the option to be publicly funded and accordingly attend private schools that are capable of delivering the type of education needed for the Students to meet success.

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Detroit Charter School System

One of Betsy DeVos’s core beliefs is in her supported Detroit School Charter system. The Detroit Charter system boasts higher graduation results compared to other Detroit schools and have proved to be highly successful in allowing students in Detroit to have an option when it comes to school choice and options. DeVos initially ran into some conflict when asked about her position in regard to her Detroit Charter school by the senate’s approval committee but was easily able to reassure senators that she indeed was qualified for the position.

DeVos provides a fresh outsider perspective that is sure to reinvigorate the school system. Her ability to unify teachers and students with options. Her strong business-minded Republican ideals have set her up as a successful yet polarizing secretary of education.

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