Arthur Becker Part of Soho’s Neighborhood Reestablishment

Arthur Becker is the co-founder and senior advisor of Atlantic Investors since it started in 2000. Atlantic Investors LLC is a real estate company that is licensed in South Carolina and Georgia. According to NY Mag, this company deals with residential, commercial, and developmental real estate. In addition to promoting the buying and selling of homes, they have been instrumental in making several shopping malls operational. Atlantic Investors has also helped seal the deal for Armstrong Dormitories at the University of Georgia.

Arthur Becker is practicing real estate in the So-Ho section of New York city. In a report by the, he has purchased three townhouses that he can decide to rent out. He has invested $20 million in this recent real estate deal. The So Ho district is upscale and will be very appealing to people who are looking to rent property in this neighborhood. Becker is planning to move into one of the townhouses and rent out the other two. Each of these townhouse takes up 6500 SQ feet.

The So-Ho section of New York refers to South of Houston Street. It is not to be confused with the London, England So-Ho section. it is 26 blocks long with about 500 buildings. Once a neighborhood where artists lived Soho is now upscale with expensive boutiques to chain store outlets.

In 2015, Arthur Becker acquired a $30,000 a month apartment in the Union Square area, It has three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. It is quite a drop from the $23 million duplex apartment that he had shared with his former wife of 23 years. The Union Square apartment has a gas fireplace, cast-iron arched windows and two walls worth of windows. The apartment building has a 50-foot lap pool, state-of-the-art fitness center and yoga studio available 24 hours a day for their residents. This is not bad for someone who has only had seven years of experience in the real estate business.