Securus Technologies corrects some statements in GTL’s press release

Securus Technologies, one of the top tech companies in the criminal and justice department, responded to a recent press release. Securus had reasons to believe that most of the statements made in the press release were inaccurate. The tech firm pointed out up to six anomalies in various statements made by GTL.

This firm’s major focus was, however, on the patent litigation approach that GTL chose to go with. According to Richard Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, the “scorched earth” litigation approach lacks logic. He states that a normal patent litigation process would take too much time. A lot of funds would also have to be pumped in. Rick makes it clear that the company will still give the process the seriousness it deserves, despite the fact that the process doesn’t make sense. Securus will keep asserting its own patents.

About Securus Technologies

Securus technologies was formed so as to incorporate tech into the criminal and justice system. The company, based in Dallas, Texas, is tasked with providing technological solutions in almost every aspect of the correctional system. Part of their work includes monitoring products and services, managing incidents, providing emergency response and inmate self-service among much more. Recently, the company introduced the video visitation technology into most correctional facilities. Currently, Securus has provided its services to over a million inmates in different facilities. .

Due to its exemplary performance, the company managed to get the best accreditation from the BBB. Rick Smith, the company’s CEO, credited this to the fact that the company manages to stick to its word. In a press release, the CEO stated that the company is unlike its competitors who tend to make exaggerated statements about their capabilities; statements that they can’t live up to.

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