Bruce Levenson – Atlanta Hawks Former Owner Sells Team

Bruce Levenson is the former owner of the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks. Recently as reported by ESPN, he decided upon selling the NBA team in order to focus on other areas of his life. The former owners of the team have also made the news over a lawsuit was filed against the insurance company which was contracted with by the Atlanta Hawks. As a result of this lawsuit, a formal complaint was made in court against the insurance company. This lawsuit was due to workplace claims made by the former general manager of the team.

Bruce Levenson has had a highly successful career, in addition to being the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. His success came from being the owner of the United Communications Group, which was a media conglomerate. They helped provide companies with the information they needed on oil prices. This is in addition to creating consumer-facing applications such as GasBuddy. Bruce also helped to start TechTarget, which is a company that is focused on providing marketing solutions for technology businesses.

Mr. Levenson is also a great philanthropist ( whom believes in sharing in his success with others. His I Have A Dream Foundation has helped many low-income children pursue education at the higher levels. He has even established a center for philanthropy which has helped provide guidance on philanthropic measures. He is also a major supporter of the Anti-Defamation League, which seeks to ensure that individuals are able to ensure that they are protected from discrimination on the basis of religion.

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