Monthly Archives: December 2016

How EOS Emerged in The Lip Balm Market

The lip balm market has proven to be a more exciting field in recent years than anyone thought, partly due to the emergence of an startup competitor, EOS, who revolutionized the lip balm industry. How they were able to do so was detailed out for the frost time in an article in Fast Company. The […]

CEO Jose Borghi is Steering Mullen Lowe to a Leading Ad Agency in the Brazilian Advertising Circles

Jose Borghi attended the PUCCampinas and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Advertising and Publicity. Standard Ogilvy started his advertising career at Standard Ogilvy back in 1989. During his tenure as an employee of Talent, DM9/DDB, and FCB, Borghi developed some of the award-winning advertising campaigns such as Carlinhos, Microsoft, Parmalat, and Mamiferos. He joined […]