Keith Mann Helps Low-Income Students Achieve Their Academic Dreams

Dynamics Executive Search and Dynamics Search Partners CEO and founder Keith Mann recently held a fundraising event for Uncommon Schools, a program which launches and manages public schools in urban areas and focuses on the needs of low-income students. The event, which was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden in New York City, managed to raise over $22,000 for the program. The money was raised specifically for the purpose of sponsoring student testing, which would take place at the program’s newest high school facility, in Brooklyn.


The fundraiser was part of a much larger relationship that Keith Mann and his company has with Uncommon Schools. Through Dynamics Search Partners, Mann began work with the program in 2013, his goal to assist low-income students in developing skills crucial for a successful future. Prior to the fundraising event, Dynamics Search Partners had contributed $10,000 to help the new Brooklyn school meet its testing needs. In addition to providing financial support to Uncommon Schools, Mann’s company has provided work shops and educational functions for students. More recently, Mann announced the 2016 Scholarship for Professional Achievement at the Brooklyn school.


Keith Mann has been an expert in the executive search industry for more than a decade, working with alternative investment firms worldwide, assisting his clients in their needs for internal strategy, marketing and investment professionals. Mann is known for his philanthropist work as much as his business success, and in addition to his generous work with Uncommon Schools, he has contributed to several other organizations, including the NYPD.


So far the relationship between Dynamics Search Partners and Uncommon Schools has been a notable success, leading the way with its solutions to the needs of low-income students.