Accreditation for a Wonderful Company

Securus Technologies, a well known name within the information technology sector, has recently received a high level of praise from the Better Business Bureau, receiving an A+ accreditation for services rendered and quality of products. The Senior Vice President of Securus Operations, Danny de Hoya, has stated that due to the relationship between the Better Business Bureau and his company there can be renewed steps taken to offer high levels of customer service and will also assist in the weight that written documentation from the company provides. Securus Technologies, along with this new accreditation, will allow it to attract an entire new line of customers to its doors, which is great for both parties involved. Stay up to date with Securus on


Securus Technologies as a company is one that has met scrutiny in the past, but is due to its nominal treatment of its primary customer base; incarcerated individuals currently serving time in prison from past mistakes they have made. These individuals are normally ignored by other companies and are treated as though they are, for all intents and purposes, invisible. Securus offers these people the ability to directly communicate with their family members and loved ones over a series of different products, such as a free downloadable application that is compatible with both Android and Apple operating systems. This application acts as a video chat program that allows customers to successfully communicate with their family members despite their location, allowing them to be able to bypass security checks and driving times for physical visitation purposes.


The services that Securus offers customers is a testimony to its ability to work as a customer driven business. They have offered for many years now high quality services and products to individuals that many people would not consider. This makes them not only a technology firm but also humanitarians.